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How much should you believe in Fortune Teller's?

Have you ever wondered that life if given to u, should be totally under our control? But the way life rolls out, sometimes it feels there's someone who's controlling it. Well that's where we start looking for answers. And answers come to us from several sources like astrology, tarot, crystal ball gazing etc. And when a future teller says somethings that are 100% bang on true, a little bit of doubts or uneasiness start springing up our minds. Do they know it all? These are some things that usually haunt people generally, and for the first time a Future Teller is going to honestly and truthfully answer all these questions.  Priti has been into Tarot since 12+ years, and her experience with people, as well as being with future teller friends across the globe has answers to all the crazy questions about "Future Telling". These are put open and bare right to you here. In this video, go for Hindi if you are easy with it. Else watch it in English.  Watch th