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Tarot for better future

How can Tarot help to shape a better future?

I have written many times across my website and in my Tarot course materials that Tarot can help to create a better future. And that sometimes when read by a newbie who is not aware about Tarot and how it works; he feels its just a method for getting new clients or earning money. lol. 
Well that isn’t the case. Not just tarot, but every other method of future telling has some limitations. And all of them promise accuracy of 99.99% and what about the rest of 0.01%? Most of the times you and the expert himself/ herself feels that its negligible. So nobody ever asks about decoding it. 

But if the given prediction whatever it is, isn’t what you like or you want in your life. Then too there’s hope and then too YOU have the power to change your future. It is for sure, it just needs some careful steps and awareness while doing stuff in your life. 
Ehh what’s that? lol well I will get to that in a moment. 

Let’s first get into the latest bollywood movie where we see something that the end-result was created rather then result that followed from a history. 
There’s this latest movie called Dangal that you might have watched, and this movie has the end where the actor crosses her own bad records and makes a victory. And this movie has a lot to do with how predictions come true and how predictions can be surpassed. 
The actor was very much predicted, ofcourse by the coach himself who taught her. And people who were watching her matches regularly, and from her background on how she was playing. There was just failure written for her. 

Well nothing in life is written on stone. There’s like 70% of things that happen to you in your hands. and rest of 30% will be something that’s written on stone. And for that 30% you will be willing to accept. So its for sure that not everything in life is stone-written. 
Yet when this ratio is there the future predictors give 99.99% accuracy guarantee. And some write 100% guarantee, just because they know that hardly anyone is going to try to use that 0.01% of their own abilities to possibly win and bring results that they want in their life. Because they have confidence in you, that you are not going to extra-ordinarily going to perform to win. 

Future predictions fall true for a reason, and that’s the reason why most fortune teller’s will back you with a guarantee for their results. Well that’s because they know to see the future, and don’t know how to help you change it. 
Let’s see how predictions are getting true for most of the time. Humans are born and their abilities are trained in a certain way. There is immense power inside everyone of us to change the world and create a heaven here itself. But since childhood that ability isn’t recognised by any body who is around you. And so your mind is fed with beliefs and thoughts that are not true and just a myth or false belief is fed in you. That people around you have started believing it to be true. And so you too start feeling that it is true. 
And then those limiting beliefs become your reality when you grow up. And these limiting beliefs are the one’s that stop you to achieve whatever you want in your life. You might have heard about great people, that they were somewhere or the other predicted for doom. Prophecies told about them guaranteedly that they will fail. And yet they came out to be outstanding successes in their life. And then later on the predictors had to look deeper within their chart’s to find out a reason why they’d succeed. 
Well I know you might have begged that such a moment comes in your life too, that negative predictions for you too falls false. 

How to get out of that rut?
Your limiting beliefs and thoughts have formed a solid layer inside your sub-conscious mind. And if you would have studied your subconscious mind then there will be more then two or three solid negative beliefs that are hindering your progress. 
And to get out of that rut you need strong determination + re-programming of your subconscious mind. Re-programming your subconscious mind is something that’s done by a Hypnotherapist. Or you can do it by self-hypnosis. I have a great audio recording for you, lined up below this article that will help you to learn how to re-program your subconscious mind. You can download it from below this article, to help you re-program your subconscious mind. Once you have re-programmed your subconscious mind. Then you need to rewire your mind, that will help you to get whatever you want. 

How can you shape a better future, when predictions show something that you don’t want/ like?
Yes you can surely do something that can enhance your future and make it the way you want it to be. Rather then just getting dragged by destiny and taking whatever you get in your hands. So let’s get into this what can help you to change your future. You need to re-wire your mind for success. The mind needs some re-programming which I mentioned earlier. And by now I do assume that you have already done it, and the next thing that you need to do is re-wiring. Re-wiring is undoing the wrong knowledge that you have and setting it right.  

How to shape better future you need -

To shape a better future or get whatever you want in life. You need to follow three simple steps: 
  • determination 
First of all you need to be damn sure that you want something in your life. If there’s 1000% determination and craving for that thing. Then only the next two steps will work. And then only the re-programming of the subconscious will work. 
  • strategy 
Next most important thing in life is strategy. Now this is a general word, but you will have to take it in sense regarding what you want to change in your life. And this strategy will come ONLY by the right knowledge. Yes there is crap going around in life, and amongst there is also true knowledge that’s circulating. You need to catch hold of the right equation. 
  • planning 
Then next thing that is then necessary for getting success in direction that you want is planning. When you have got the right knowledge and right strategy at hand. You need to have right  
planning that you have to put into place to get the results that you want.

And with whatever you want to succeed in life, Tarot can help you get directions and best ways by which you can plan out strategies and other stuff to succeed. I have discussed in detail how can tarot help to transform your future into a better one, along with a Spread to go with it. It is given in this audio tutorial, click below to get your audio tutorial. 

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