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Tarot for better future

How can Tarot help to shape a better future ? I have written many times across my website and in my Tarot course materials that Tarot can help to create a better future. And that sometimes when read by a newbie who is not aware about Tarot and how it works; he feels its just a method for getting new clients or earning money. lol.  Well that isn’t the case. Not just tarot, but every other method of future telling has some limitations. And all of them promise accuracy of 99.99% and what about the rest of 0.01%? Most of the times you and the expert himself/ herself feels that its negligible. So nobody ever asks about decoding it.  But if the given prediction whatever it is, isn’t what you like or you want in your life. Then too there’s hope and then too YOU have the power to change your future. It is for sure, it just needs some careful steps and awareness while doing stuff in your life.  Ehh what’s that? lol well I will get to that in a moment.  Dangal Movie - 

Tarot Reading

What is Tarot? Tarot is an art of reading cards and its symbolism. It is still a mystery when and where Tarot originated. And that makes it all the more mysterious. As some also believe that Tarot was directly brought down by the Gods and so it doesn’t have any start time. Tarot is an oracle which is used to look into the future. What is Tarot Reading ? Its the art of reading Tarot cards for various different questions, and problems that may arise in the life of any person. Tarot reading is done using the Intuitive power as well as power of the subconscious mind. Where answers are drawn from the symbols given on cards, which are stored in your sub-conscious mind. And sub-conscious mind is said to have all the answers to the problem of the world.  Tarot is nothing spooky or scary. Its just a normal way of Reading the future and get answers like any other way of predictions e.g Astrology or Palmistry.  Is tarot Dangerous ? No, not at all. Tarot isn’t dangerous.