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Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards -

Hello, welcome to yet another week of learning. Life is so simple and yet certain things about life seem complicated. and when that complication arises we actually bend towards insights from the infinite world. That’s what we can term…

Answers to problems of finite world, always come from the infinite world!

Well and connection with infinite world can be established through several different ways. And one of those ways is getting answers through Oracle’s. Oracle has been an age old method to do readings for ourself as well as others to bring insights and clarity for different situations and problems in life.
Oracles come in various forms. They can be like somebody is pulling out some answers/chits from a bag, after rigorously shuffling it. It can be when somebody is connecting to the divine/ spiritual world through different methods and bringing answers that you need. Connecting to crystal ball etc. Here I will be discussing about Oracle cards as I have learned that.

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What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a set of cards where they don’t have any pre-set theme. Every oracle deck will come with a different theme. And also will be built with a different intention. Some oracle decks are made to answer only Love related questions, some are made to answer only Energy related questions, some only for chakras. And whichever area you need expertise with, the oracle card reader will pull out that deck to give you an extremely personalised reading. 
Also there are several decks that are general that have random meanings on the cards, that will feel irrelevant and out of the box when you just go through them. But when you actually read with them, then their depth and relevance to your life will shine out. That’s the magic of Oracle Cards.

Difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?
Tarot is also considered a sort of Oracle deck. But Tarot has in itself become huge and widespread. Because with the amount of depth and meaning Tarot has to its card and plus the way cards are designed all have a specific purpose. 
As any tarot deck you pick up, will have a general theme of 78 cards. Which will have 22 major and 56 minor arcana cards. 
But Oracle decks which are literally written as “so and so oracle cards” are different then Tarot. Oracle cards usually are made randomly, without any sequence or theme. But when they are used for readings they show shocking resemblance to your life. 
That’s the magic of Oracle cards. When I say that, doesn't mean that you need to under estimate the Tarot or take it to be anything less. It also is an ORACLE.

Oracle cards don’t have fixed number - 
Oracle cards don't have a fixed quantity of number of cards in deck. Tarot has 78 fixed. But oracle decks will vary from author to author and will have different meanings and themes to it. Actually there in no limit to the number of cards an Oracle deck can have. There can be 26 cards in an Oracle deck whereas there can also be 120 cards in another pack of Oracle cards. There’s no rule here to keep control over the number of cards. 
I think I read somewhere that one oracle deck actually had 800 cards! Phew, quite a number of cards to deal with right?! lol.

Can Oracle cards be used to see the future?
Yes, Oracle cards can surely be used to see the future. Not to forget that they can also be used to see into the past to get insights. Oracle cards can be used just in the same way like you can use Tarot cards. Only difference here will be the card numbers and their meanings.

Are Oracle cards accurate?
Yes very much accurate like there’s any other perfect method for predictions. Oracle cards are actually very much deep and connects to your soul while providing the answers. As the oracle card reader actually can connect to the spiritual world. and once the connection is established, then the answers pour in thereafter. And so what comes up is actually quite what will connect to you.

How you can learn Oracle card Reading? 
So when you are here, I know you want t learn stuff from me. And so I also brought this question here. What to do when you also want to learn Oracle Card reading. 
Oracle cards are in a variety and you will want to pick up a deck that’s actually relevant to your personality and your Soul’s Purpose. As that will help you to connect to that deck instantly, and giving accurate readings always is followed by great connection with a deck. 


Oracle Deck types - 

Oracle decks are various, I am listing a few of them. Maybe I can talk about this in future as well when I learn about more oracle cards…. There are few varied decks that are Oracle’s and can be used to do readings for yourself and others with a divine connection to what the theme of the pack is. 

Oracle of energy - Here the cards will be telling you something from the different energies that you can sense around you. Check here Energy Oracle, Energy Oracle.

Oracle of Crystals - If you are drawn towards Crystals, then this deck can help you to use the energies of crystals to bring healing and transformation to lives of people through the crystal oracle. Check here Crystal Oracle, Crystal Grid Oracle.

Oracle of Animals - We all have guardian angels, spirit guides and some also have animal spirits as guides. And if you can connect to those animal spirits then you can go along with this deck to help you get answers to life. Check a few decks here..  Animal Wisdom Oracle, Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards,

Oracle of Plants - If you connect to nature and plants more, then you can go along with any deck that’s related to nature, plants, flowers etc. Check here.. Magic of Nature Oracle, Nature's Whispers Oracle

Oracle of angels - If you connect easily with Angels or love to connect to angels. Then choose an Angel Oracle deck. Ofcourse there are many, you’ll need to scroll down to all or some of them to see which ones talk to you. Check these Angel of Atlantis Oracle, Angel Oracle.

Oracle of Fairies - Fairies are lovely beings and if you’d like to connect to them then go along and find a Fairy deck for yourself. Fairytale Oracle, Faerie Oracle

Oracle of God’s and Goddesses - This type of deck is helpful to you, if you are easy on God’s and Goddesses. Their energy is quite high and and not every body is going able to be able connect to them. Check here Ascended Master's Oracle, Goddess Knowledge Cards, Devas of Creation.

Other oracles - Other oracles which might be useful to you are these… Unicorn, Atlantis oracle, dolphin oracle. A Part from this there are several other oracle’s that exist and I didn’t want to get too much into detail into them. As few are some where I wouldn’t get to involved with. As they are based on low energy, and might be spirit based. 
Here are other oracles- they are not spirit based, but yet different Wisdom of the Hidden Realms,
I would like to give a warning point to you here not all beings you connect to through oracle’s will be totally safe and harmless. Some spiritual beings have ego or certain rules that you’ll need to abide by. And if you can do that, then they’ll protect you and cocoon you with their energy. Well again clarifying, no spiritual being is harmful as every entity is made with pure divine energy of God. But every being has a different purpose of its existance, and for that some beings need to be strictly tied up by rules.

Precautions - Stay careful with connection to Fairies, they are naughty and mischievous. They can punish you to teach a lesson. If you are harming nature. Then spirits also are moody, you need to be careful while connecting to them. Connect to the safest one’s, and safest ones are your passed away loved ones. 

If you want to learn in depth how to choose the perfect Oracle Cards, then the Sacred Powerful Wisdom Advanced Masterclass 5 will be perfect for you.You'll know that you will be able to connect perfectly to the deck that’s connecting to your energy.
This class includes 60+ minutes of Sacred Powerful wisdom about methods to help you select practically choose your Oracle Deck. A must have a spiritual professionals and Spirituality aspirants.

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