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Horoscope 2017

A word about the past year, the year 2016 was meant to mark a completion as it was a number 9. Nines are where phases ends. And something new is promised to begin after that. And so when things have to end, some of it can be bitter and some of it can be nasty. And so I had a lot of people complaining me of having very troublesome issues and unexpected happenings. But know for sure that it was just winding up, of whatever good bad karma’s you has left. And then after you are supposed to get into a better phase in life.  The numerological fortune for 2017 is here, I will be discussing the astrological parts later in this article. See below for your Astrological sign’s yearly prediction. Numbers never lie, and they are as precise as mathematics. And so though this prediction is a general numerological prediction, it will hold a lot of value to you for you as well as everyone else who reads or doesn’t read this prediction.   The year 2017 is a year of number 1, showing great b

Combining Tarot and Oracle cards

Tarot -  Tarot cards are a pack of 78 cards that are different then Playing cards. And originated around roughly 1450 century. If you are already a Tarot reader you will know this and possibly a lot of other stuff about tarot.  Here I am considering that everyone reading this is new to tarot, so will explain from basics. Tarot cards are drawn from the ancient secret Kaballah which is believed to be brought down directly by the Gods to us during the creation of this planet. The exact origin of Tarot cards is yet unknown. Which makes them all the more mysterious! With Tarot you can see future, get answers to questions, get directions, choose best option for you from a variety of options, and also use tarot for meditation. Tarot cards are interesting not just for spiritually aligned people, but also the one’s who don't believe into spirituality find tarot interesting.  Subscribe to get free e-books Email Address First Name Oracle