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How to ask perfect questions to Tarot?

Tarot and its cards are connected to the Divine spiritual world. But these cards cannot give you perfect answers unless you know to ask the perfect questions.

If questions are shooted vaguely out of ignorance, then cards will shoot out some random prophecy. Which you wont be able to relate to.

So its very important that while learning to ask perfect questions to the Tarot. Also you might want this another article on what type of questions to avoid.

How to ask perfect questions to Tarot?

If you have a million dollar gadget that can do just anything technical in this world. But if you dont know how to use it, which buttons to use and which buttons to use with caution. Then that gadget will not be used upto its full capacity. Maybe you might not even operate it, fearing screwing it up. Similarly you will not be able to use the full power of Tarot cards if you don’t know to ask the right questions.

Lets get into this, then what questions to ask

There are various points to consider.
These are points for you, but what if you are doing readings for others? How to deal with people when you are charging them; and when they are asking wrong questions. I have seen resistance in people when they are paying you, and you ask them to alter their questions. That’s basically because of the following reasons…
  • you are unknown that Psychics also have their own terms and conditions. You are under that impression that as Tarot Reading are Psychic’s work for welfare of people. Questions can be asked in any manner or any possible words you want.
  • You might have notions and are going and asking questions based from the media. And that’s why you might tend to incline towards the way of asking to what you have seen on the T.V. or in a movie.
  • You sometimes know certain things are not going to work and you cannot accept it. And so you will hesitate to change question. Because you are still wanting that thing to happen in your favor.
  • You are totally ignorant and maybe this is your first time you have been reading your cards and so are clueless about what questions to ask.
Well you see you rarely know methods of Professional Psychics when you begin learning something, and that’s perfectly okay. Everybody is there sometime or the other. If you are doing reading for others. And want to read for them then too asking perfect questions is necessary. Otherwise you know cards will pop one after the other and leave you more and more confused. 

Whether you are a beginner and reading for yourself  or you maybe a seasoned professional who reads for others as well. These rules apply to both.

Well stay tight, and be ready to gulp this bitter truth down. If you don’t want to change your questions, then you have these possibilities. If you are reading for other’s and if they disagree to change their question/s then tell them this, before you do any further reading. 

- readings might/will go inaccurate 
- you will not get satisfaction or fuller answers
- It will be a time & energy waster. 
- Reading will not mean anything and will confuse you.

Well when these three things go into the jar then automatically your mindset will shift and you will be ready to tweak your questions. Same is with other’s. People will agree to tweak when they learn this(well some might still stay firm on not changing).  Changes are important and need to be done. What’s the point taking in questions that are just vague and pointless and are not asked with the perfect intent for your future.

So how to ask perfect questions?

Yes, there you are. Tarot is a way to predict future. God has given us freewill to do anything we want. And also bestowed the various methods of Future seeing that can help us guide to do whatever you want from your life. This might sound too positive and motivational statement like. But its true, not just for Tarot but for all other future-seeing methods as well. 

Points to consider, on how to frame perfect questions:
  1. See whether the question is hopelessly asked, that has no hope.
  2. Whether the question is a Yes/No question. Well that yes and No even a kid can answer. You need better questions to ask from Divinely guided Tarot Readings.
  3. Is the question been asked out of negative emotions?
  4. Is it a judgemental question? These questions will work. But with a little bit of caution
  5. Does it abide by the Universal Law?

I know you got everything in the above guidelines except the Universal Law. What the Heck is this Universal Law now? Yeah I know. I am going to explain that in a moment now. That’s why I have mentioned it here.

Universal Law that applies to all Humans - 
  • You can only help when someone asks for it. You cannot forcefully offer your solutions, if somebody isn’t ready to accept it.
  • If you try to get into lives of others, who want to keep things secret from you. Then you break this law.
  • Diving into other people’s minds, life, and energy with your Psychic abilities is sinful if you do it without their permission. 

What happens when you break this law/s?
Well as with all law breaking, there is punishment involved. So is it here as well. You will be punished in anyway. Best way is you will not get clear answers in your reading.

If the other person has strong intentions to stay away from you then delving into their energy will prove to be confusing in your Tarot readings. You will not get clear answers and will not be able to come out at a particular outcome. 

And majority of problems occur when you are not ready to change your focus and expect a particular outcome in your way. 

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Do this When there are Yes/ No Questions  - 
There will be a number of times when you face this types of questions. I bet you will mostly ask such questions or get this question 75% of the time. Well shake that off, Tarot is much more then that. 
Most of the time the question can be altered into a better one and can be used to deeped the reading. 
But there will be times when you dont want to alter the question, because getting the YES/NO is very much important. In that case you need to keep it that way. 

Here some examples of wrong questions, and how to correct them -
I am sure once you go through these, and understand them. You will be easily able to figure out how to frame your own questions. 
e.g- 1
Wrong Question - Do you think I should do this?
This is a yes/no question. Change this.

Check whether the person really wants to do it or not. and if they are sure then check why they are expecting a no as an answer. Then reframe it.
Corrected Question - I want to do this, which is the best way to do it successfully?
or I want to do this, is this the way to do it correctly to get good results?
e.g 2.-
Wrong question - What is going to happen in my future?
This is such a popular question to get asked. And you will feel like how difficult is it going to be for you to express the vast ocean of experiences that they are going to have. 
Instead cut chort. Ask them to ask sensible questions about things that really are their concern. 

Corrected Question - What is my future in my family relationships area?
or What is my future with my new job? Is it going to be stable and progressing?
e.g 3- 
Wrong Question - Does she love me? or Is he going to marry me?
Well this question has so much of fear and insecurities to smell. When that person is asking a question about love-life you can already know that there is uncertainity here. And so they are asking that. 
Plus this is a question about someone, which involves Universal Law applicability. Should be attempted only with other person’s permission.

Correct Question - (after permission of the other person.)

Does Sue have any feelings for me? Does she look at me the same way I look at her?
Does he have same feelings for me, like I have for him?
How can we both make our marriage possible, how do we plan for it?

I have some more insights into this article, but as I saw it growing larger. I put it into an audio file. Its a bit detailed and advanced. So I have priced it, as preparing it took me lot of time. I know you dont mind paying for something, if the knowledge is really worth it. Go ahead and get it from the link below, you'll get to learn more details about it. 

There’s it. Your Tarot questions made easy guide. I have a similar article on this similar topic. You might like reading it, go here to read the earlier topic. 
Do you think this article resonates with your correct way of asking questions. I would love to know your perfect method. Well you will have some if you have read tarot even 3-4times just for yourself. I would love to know that too.
So that’s all from me for now, I will be back next week with more juicy Taroty stuff. Till then bye see yaa.

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