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Tarot Reversals

Tarot reversals are nothing but the reversed cards in a tarot pack. This is what you already know. And if you are a beginner, I also know that Tarot Reversals are a pain in the butt for you. :)  Well here I am to give you some tips and info to make your job a little bit easy. Tarot Reversals are not negative let me tell you. Not all Tarot cards will mean negative when in reversed position. Some mean positive too. And this pic below has a very positive meaning to the centre reversed card, the Hanged woman :) When Tarot Cards are reversed , they mean -  - Blockage of energy of that card. Which means that whatever card is in reversed position either you or the querent isn’t able to digest or use the energy of that card fully. You/ Querent is not able to use or is not using it deliberately. e.g. If your querent has a reversed Magician in his reading. Then it just means he/she isn’t utilising the full potential of the magician. And the magician’s energy to "manife

Queries & Spread Perfection

Query and Spread Perfection Read Tarot books CHECK Read Tarot blogs CHECK Follow dozens of Tarot readers CHECK Memorized the Tarot Meanings CHECK But still mind goes boggled when time comes to select the Perfect spread for your reading? I also have an article on Beginner Spreads which I wrote earlier this year, check it out here . How do I manage to hit that right through your head? Well because I have been through this kinda situation, a lot in past. And then spreads used to boggle. With great difficulty when you get into Tarot. And learn the puzzling meanings. There comes an utterly confusing way of reading, S..p..r..e..a..d..s..  What are spreads -   Soul Path Readings  Well thats what I feel, and you’ll get it wrong if you dont understand this..You may feel that you’ve been through a lot of Tarot books or material. And this kind of definition was found no where. So how did I come up with this. Well believe it

How to ask perfect questions to Tarot?

Tarot and its cards are connected to the Divine spiritual world. But these cards cannot give you perfect answers unless you know to ask the perfect questions. If questions are shooted vaguely out of ignorance, then cards will shoot out some random prophecy. Which you wont be able to relate to. So its very important that while learning to ask perfect questions to the Tarot. Also you might want this another article on what type of questions to avoid . If you have a million dollar gadget that can do just anything technical in this world. But if you dont know how to use it, which buttons to use and which buttons to use with caution. Then that gadget will not be used upto its full capacity. Maybe you might not even operate it, fearing screwing it up. Similarly you will not be able to use the full power of Tarot cards if you don’t know to ask the right questions. Lets get into this, then what questions to ask -  There are various points to consider. Thes

78 Soul Phases with Tarot

78 Soul Phases every Human goes through Tarot is not just a pack of cards, it shows the journey of Soul Phases that every human goes through their life on this planet. If you are an ardent Tarot lover I am sure you know this. Maybe not the exact definition but roughly the fact that Tarot isn’t just fluff.  Tarot Cards were found around the 1450 century, exact origin isn’t yet known. This fact itself makes Tarot a lot more mystical and interesting.   There are 78 cards in Tarot Pack as you might know. If you don’t know its okay, you already know it now :) . These 78 cards correspond with a phase in the life of human soul. And this phase somewhere or the other contributes to the growth and evolution of that soul.   The Major Arcana Cards show major changes and turns in a Soul Phase. Let’s quickly see what each card means in the journey of the Fool . If you want to know in detail about the Journey of Soul with Tarot, go here to get my book. 1. Magician -

How to read Tarot for yourself Effectively?

Reading tarot for yourself? bam... #$%&@* your greatest skills will baffle you when you try to do it for a very pressing issue of your life, where you want a quick answer to come asap. And you'll be like why the hell can't your cards be LOYAL to you when you need em the most…!! Even the bestest of Tarot Reader fail to read for themselves, because Tarot is something that talks to you through your intuition and your intuition goes haywire when you are tensed and stressed. Well I too have fallen into this trap of doing Tarot for my own questions(ohh yess... most troubling questions) and hell yeah cards try to play fool with you when you need their guidance the most. With lots of months/ years into this I think I have figured out technique that will help to get best results with your readings. Well for you to master you might need to give the technique some finishing touches to make it work 100% effectively for you. Everybody is different and so things work different