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13 cards that show bad-luck, and how to handle them

Cards that show bad luck, and how to deal with them - 

Visiting a fortune teller is a roller coaster journey and the same is for seeing future for yourself “what the cards hold for you”. You always wanna hear good old mushy stories from the fortune teller. But seldom it turns out the same for you. You always might get some warning tones or alarming tones. Which you didn’t expect and didnt want to receive. 
Though I have listed a few cards here that I have termed as bad luck cards, they always don’t mean ‘bad luck’ in the reading. In Tarot I dont feel any card can show bare bad-luck, there is always some directions or guiding points that can help you to get out of that dooming condition which I would never term as prophecy. 
Also I feel that whenever there is some sort of misfortune being foretold by any method of fortune telling, there is always a way to deal with that. But yes ofcourse the expert should know to deal with that. 

Cards showing bad luck are - 
Though the cards coming up in a spread or reading dont always mean bad-luck is coming. The position in the spread also depends. And this fact should also be kept in mind that the cards are coming up based on the current mindset of the querent and it can always be altered if the person is determined enough to bring change in his life. Ofcourse the latter which I mentioned is a change that can be brought in by severe determination ONLY. Beliefs and perspectives that form in the human mind once are usually permanent unless the soul has strong determination to surpass minds  limitations.   
So here are a few cards that I feel show bad-luck, if not bad luck then some sort of discomfort or unexpected and unwanted circumstance. 

Swords cards will be the star of this article as they are the cards that don’t always show “great things are coming up”. They are the most disliked suit in the Tarot Pack. But if you try to understand this carefully “There’s nothing in this Universe that’s negative, everything exists has been created with positive energy of Divine”. You know that if there are some negative or cards that dont make you feel good, then they too have their own importance and significance. 
9 of Swords can be and is a devastating card to turn up in your reading. This card shows past, ongoing or upcoming devastating circumstances that might appear on materialistic level or just mental or emotional level. If its on mental or emotional level still the effects of this card will be devastating. With depressive thoughts and emotional states, hopelessness and alike. Ofcourse something like this is saying for your present or future or for someone else depends on the cards and their position. Not just this card can show this sort of situation. 

10 of Swords - 

10 of Swords another hero of this article. How many times this card has turned up and has brought in alarming future or brought to light the seriousness of current circumstances. 
10 of Swords might show present, upcoming or past situation where some body tried to do harm to you. It can most likely be physical harm but it can also mean emotional or mental hurt. Well if you are a tarot aspirant you needn’t freak out if any of these cards turn up. Go deep into the reading. These unwanted cards can reveal a lot and help you to take careful steps to help hop out of that situation.  

Reversed Wheel of Fortune -

Ofcourse fortune when appears flipped is going to show misfortune. Misfortune in terms that the good things that you feel should come to you are delayed or pushed away from you. This might be for several reasons. The things, people or situations you long for might not be the right one’s for you. You might be longing for them just on competitive basis or from ego. Real heart desires never fail to fructify. But egoistic choices will be hindered.  
Check out if there’s either of the above mentioned cases if you are facing misfortune. You will need to carefully analyse and then try to come to a conclusion. If its your heart’s desire that’s being hindered, then check what’s more that you need to add. A complete dish is allowed, if its just a half cooked dish then it won’t be allowed to be presented on a 5 star buffet table. 
World needs improvement and intense level of positivity and purity. If your dish doesn’t match to optimal levels of goodness, it won’t be allowed to pass. Check re-check until the misfortune label is finally removed naturally. 

So this card also shows misfortune? Yes it does show upto a certain extent. Not exactly misfortune. But yes if you have worked your ass off and then when the results are pushed away or halted without reason then you too will term that as misfortune. 
Though what everybody terms misfortune in different definitions. For people who have seen dire crisis and intensely negative situations then for them this card might not be that of a bad sign. They will be happy to wait or get delay in getting just the final result. But for a person who has been a die-hard achiever this card turning upside down might seem like a mountain turning upside down in their path. 

8 of Swords - 

This card also is of the Swords category and can be sweared for its misfortunate abilities. Lol yes, I did say that. But a little do you know of the learning this card has brought with it. And so looking at it with a negative eye is an easy escape.  
A broader way of accepting this card says that this card speaks to you clearly that you are in a situation where you have chosen to keep your eyes closed and hands and feet tied up. Unless you don’t have those limitations within you, that situation can ever be created outside you. 
Though you might choose to appear totally innocent and blame everything on the outer situation. But a little bit of digging will help to uncover the truth of your involvement.

Death -

This card I am not sure what category to put in. I have no good or bad feelings for this card. Clearly I feel this shouldn’t be a part of this Tarot Pack. LOL But thinking just anything isn’t a solution. Because Death is a part of human life, then how can you separate this card from the deck. 
This card when taken in a mundane way, is a misfortunate card. As it might show destruction and separation. But maybe if Tarot exists on higher realms then this card might be the most appealing card in those realms. As life on other planets isn’t the same as earth. And destruction means completion of cycle and rising to a greater divine self. So maybe this might be a celebrated card in other worlds.   

Tower is the super duper scary card that I can place in this league of cards. Tower is something that freaks me out. Yes there are reasons for it. Though its a card that simply says “Bitter Truth revealed” but in a greater way this card might be very devastating in what it brings. Though that devastation just breaks down false beliefs and systems and clears out way to let truth make its way. Still its easy said then done. 
I once got some really difficult to digest situation in my life, which was very very uneasy to accept. That happened about 2years ago. That was what I call life’s Tarot teaching lessons for me. Arghhhhh!! Tarot Classes are better :P lol 

Again another card that is like uncertain why its placed here. Lol because the card itself shows uncertainty. And it cannot exactly be termed as a misfortune. But this card actually shows uncertainty and actual clearing of way or appearance of clear picture isn’t clear. And so this card is put here. This card will halt some tasks, situations or opportunities indefinitely and thus can actually prove to be terribly unlucky card to have in important readings for business deals, relationship breakthroughs and things like.
Again saying the age old line here, because saying it is necessary. The intensity of this card and what its going to bring depends on the question, the position in the spread and other factors also matter. 
The hanged man has appeared so many times in my readings for my clients as well as for myself. This card has scoured the hell out of everyone’s terror and still doesn’t agree to budge from its position. I have had so many people complain of the unnecessary limbo they were facing for an indefinite period of time. With life just feeling stuck and to not moving forward despite of people being immensely good, doing good and giving good. 
Life still will remain stuck if you are not doing what you ought to do. So stop whining and get ready to get messy with your feet in mud and determination to sow right seeds in your mind .

Fives are the next big culprits after the swords. With the five energy shouting out loud that change is coming. It always isn’t that pleasing to have that change in life. Especially if everything in life is going good and you are wanting to stay in that honeymoon phase forever, its then that life strikes hard the cord of 5 energy. And you face this change in the relationship. 
You are not here to create Romeo-Juliet love story. Yes Love is what everyone deserves and wants in life. You can say its the food for the soul. But you cannot over eat on this emotion.  
People, resources or situations that you love will go away from your life if you just focus on dwelling on the love energy and emotion, the celebration of success or the goodness of a situation. 

Singing chorus to the above card this card also brings a change. But a different one. On the physical level. Either related to materialistic resources or your physical body. Either of the case change will be uncomfortable. But life always brings in something good or bad for a GOOD reason. Which you need to figure out. Materialistic world will not support your existence if a part of your existence endangers another existence that needs to survive.
5 of Swords - The next lines in our poetry are 5 of swords. These aren’t that horrific, they might make you feel good internally. As this card shows a winning or victory. Obviously in a wicked sense. Egoistically winning over situations and arguments and just trying to prove yourself right isn’t what you are meant to do. So loosing something in that situation is also foretold in the cards as well. Loosing the love of someone isn’t a good option against proving yourself right. 
You need to be grounded in this world with humanity as your core value and humble-ness as your core feature. Kindness and love are supposed to be brimming in each and every cell of yours for most of your lifetime. You cannot keep them at bay just because a few people acted unwise with you. When people don’t treat you in the right way remember its a lesson that you have brought with you to learn. You are not supposed to backfire them and shower them with the frustration that was actually brought in with you, to help you grow. 

The next in this series is the five of Wands. This card again shows a change in something, ofcourse 
In a way that is not going to be comfortable. But still again if you recall what I has told you before you will know that I said “Everything happens for a Reason” and so because this we can understad this card too in a righteous way. 
This card usually shows a conflicting situation that involves many people around you. It can be people at your workplace or in your family or neighboring places. But this looking at the card there is always something good about every card in Tarot. Which means you need to fish out goodness in this card as well. This card shows that conflict arises because all people involved might have different views or different ideas. All of which might be equally promising. And so no one wants to budge from moving back on their idea. Great isn’t it? We have 5 great ideas then just one. But it frustrates because we didn’t expect to get 5 different solutions to one problem. 

These are what I feel show upcoming bad-luck or show warning signs that your actions might result into that. But you just cannot sit and sob over these cards turning in your reading. These cards plus cards around them, position in spread + position of other cards in spread are also needed to be considered. And out of that only a whole meaning can be extracted. 

I know myself, when I started learning Tarot I used to hide away my deck whenever something unusual happened. Some negative card popped up or some other funny sign I got. But remember by doing that, you will only stop your growth and learning. 

If apart from these cards you have some additional cards that you feel can be added to this list of misfortunate cards then please mention them in comments below. Share this post with your Tarot lover friends, I love to share Tarot related articles with the world. Let me know if you want me to write about a specific topic. 

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