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Is the future set on stone? or you have freedom of choice?

Is the future set on stone? or you have freedom of choice? Tarot and many other future telling methods somewhere create this illusion in minds of people that future is set and fixed and you just need to go to some fortune teller. Spend some money and then you’ll know what is your future. If it was that easy then all rich people would have known their future and never have fallen prey to falling economy or share market breakdowns.   Well then is future not set? its not fixed, right? this question too is dwindled away if you believe that  destiny isn’t fixed. Well my job is not to make you believe that ‘future tellers’ are right and they should be depended upon. Neither my job is to make you ‘non-believer’, if you believe in it too much. I have been doing Tarot since more then 11+ years now and while doing readings for people I have learnt this…. people have this itch to know what’s in future for them. Plus the skeptics have a greater itch to know HOW a normal human like the

3 simple Spreads for beginners

3 simple spreads for Beginners - Hey welcome back to this week’s interesting Tarot treat. I wanted to offer you something different then usual, and so thought of Spreads! Spreads are yumm on toast as well as on your Reading table as well :)  Kidding! Well As a beginner I sometimes struggled and used to get baffled while Tarot reading. Difficulty was to choose a particular spread for me while I knew there were many spreads existing. Tarot Spreads and the depth they offered was also confusing. Some spreads had just few cards and they said it offers great depth. And some spreads had many cards and they said that it could be used for minor day-to-day queries as well. I had the mis-conception that less card spread was used for minor reading/questions and larger spread cards were used for deep questions. Whereas some part of this is true, but its not always the case. Larger spreads can offer more details, though some of them could be used for day to day readings or minor questions

Quirks of a Spiritual Professional

Hello, welcome back to my weekly Tarot articles. I know you are here to quench your Tarot thirst. Today I have got few of my friends who have shared their quirks of being into their spiritual profession. May it be Tarot, Astrology or Witchcraft. All these lovely people have shared their heart out about the work they've chosen. Here's what they have to say.... Frustrations of being a Tarot Reader by Tarot Romance Everyone wants their ex-lover back “Is my lover coming back?” Is THE most common question I’m asked. And you can probably guess the percentage of times the answer is YES…  It’s not always good news I like to be an up-lifter. So it’s tough when I pull rubbish cards and tougher still to resist the urge to put a positive spin on it… But the moment I try to censor myself is the moment my intuition flies out the window.  It takes guts to tell people what they don’t want to hear! I’m a target for abuse A total stranger sent this via my contact form today: “A

13 cards that show bad-luck, and how to handle them

Cards that show bad luck, and how to deal with them -   Visiting a fortune teller is a roller coaster journey and the same is for seeing future for yourself “what the cards hold for you”. You always wanna hear good old mushy stories from the fortune teller. But seldom it turns out the same for you. You always might get some warning tones or alarming tones. Which you didn’t expect and didnt want to receive.  Though I have listed a few cards here that I have termed as bad luck cards, they always don’t mean ‘bad luck’ in the reading. In Tarot I dont feel any card can show bare bad-luck, there is always some directions or guiding points that can help you to get out of that dooming condition which I would never term as prophecy.  Also I feel that whenever there is some sort of misfortune being foretold by any method of fortune telling, there is always a way to deal with that. But yes ofcourse the expert should know to deal with that.  Cards showing bad luck are -  Though th