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Which questions you should avoid for Tarot Reading?

Which questions you should avoid for Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading is all about helping improving people and their lives. And though not future is set on stone, there have been a couple of instances in past about accurate predictions. That actually makes people believe in future telling like as if its set in stone. So as a professional  you have this responsibility that you don’t make people believe in you as if your word is a word from God.
So inorder that you keep your side safe there are certain questions which I feel every fortune teller should avoid. While there are people who believe answering these questions is totally fine as it can help people to take life decisions or take better precautions.
But for me I strictly stay away from these bombs.
Life endangering questions - 
  1. Questions like “how much life span do I have?” or “How much time is left?”
This is the most deadly question and is a MUST AVOID for all fortune tellers. You are not God and can neither take the responsibility of somebody’s life in your hands. 
Why I am refraining you from doing this reading is that Tarot readings are based on what mind-set people have. And though mind-set once formed change under rare situations. Though you can and never should take the risk of answering question about anybody’s life. Well things can change and people can push away their end. There are many cases where people get extremely motivated and have burning desire to live if something great comes up in their life. You might have seen this happening in people around you.
Just telling a date flat for their end. Is like putting a label of expiry dte on someone. Remember that hurts. Nobody likes to take that truth. Everybody wants to live more and more as death to everyone is painful. Though its a truth that everyone has to accept. Yet its not your duty to make them accept it. ITs everybody’s own duty. And everybody’s acceptance has a freewill to when they want to accept it. 
  1. “If I do ______ will it be dangerous for me...”
If people are taking some risks in their life, like having some life endangering addictions or doing some acts or indulging into activities that might be life-dangering. Then its better that you don’t answer those questions.
First of all when people know something that its dangerous for them, then they are not supposed to get into it at the first place. Without any advice. Risk taking in business is there which can be of two types. One where there are calculated risks and other where its just a wild guess and trial and error type of thing. You need to explain people if such type of question comes up.  
  1. “Does doing this harm me?”
Also there are certain tasks or jobs that are actually not safe for people. Now this life-danger thing can come up in various forms and you need to smell the danger when it comes to you. 
II) Questions related to Health  - 
Questions related to health are common and people might question you if you deny to do readings for questions based on that. There might be two cases for Health readings...
  1. when they don’t have any health problem -
When people don’t have any issues with their health, they will still ask. What happens here that if you say that there’s not going to be an issue in future might make them careless towards their health.
And they might get into habits or practices that might actually hurt their health and might actually create some health problems.  
  1. When they do have certain health problem -
When people have health problems it can be either serious or non-serious. But asking questions or predictions actually means they want to know what their “destiny” is. And if its gonna be okay or great they will not take seriously to take medications about that situation. 
Or if they are destined to suffer and nothing’s gonna work then too they will avoid medications.
Thing is taking medications might become a pain for people if they are sick for a prolonged time. And even if there’s no improvement or hope for recovery medications might help to reduce their suffering or pain. 
III) Doing readings for other’s who are not present at the time of giving Readings - 
1) Doing readings might not be liked by the person who’s questions are being asked for - 
When people ask questions for someone who’s ot present at the moment while doing the readings, means that either that person doesn’t want to have any solutions or they have already decided something for them. For which they don’t want any predictions. 
So in that case you are just interfering with their energy system without their permission. Which involves karma. And you services will not be considered as service by the absent person. 
  1. Doing readings might not be accepted by the absent person - 
When people ask about questions for someone who is not present at the place of readings, then they might take it all. And after they leave might present the reading as an advice or action step that the other person can/ has to take. 
Now you don’t know in what way those action steps or advice is going to be given. Whether in a commanding way or threatening way or a warning or something else. Either of the case you cannot afford. As Tarot is a means of predictions where people have all the right whether they want to accept that prediction or not. 
These are all the different types of questions that I don’t prefer to read about. What are the questions that you avoid or restrict people from asking. Please share in box below, also let me know why. It can help me and other who are reading this article. 

Thank you so much for reading and considering my work worth. :) It inspires me to write more of such informational stuff. 

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