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Does being into Spiritual profession shy you away?

Shying away from Spiritual Profession?

Do you shy away from accepting that you are into spirituality? Don’t worry, coz you are not the only one. There are many people all over the world who feel this way.

I’d like to tell you my story. I too got into spirituality long back but never knew that I will take it as my profession. Reason? spirituality and wearing gemstone malas and rudraksha bracelets is considered as taboo and people doing it are considered crooks in a way. Taking to the way they behave in materialistic world.

Then when I actually discovered my interests in spiritual field, I started digging deep into it. I thought its just for my personal interest that I am learning it.

But slowly I discovered I loved doing it all the time. And only better option was that I start charging for it. And take it as my profession.

Spirituality & it acceptance

Spirituality is something where you try to learn about the unknown world. And the entire race in this world goes after Spirituality when they want to learn tips and tricks that can make them eligible to conquer the materialistic world. Something that is known and finite. And running after the unknown is considered silly and stupid by the materialistic masters. They will make fun of you and might consider that you want to escape reality which is making you believe in the infinite invisible world.
Spiritual saints are found all over the world and some of them have typical quirks. And those quirks make them distinct and unique and sometimes also a subject to humiliation. Spirituality no doubt has been accepted by many people during their worst times in their lives. When you were is the worst phase of life, you were lost and were clueless that was the time maybe that you began digging into the spiritual world. And many people go through such suffering that they actually find it unbearable and so try to take refuge under spirituality.

You absolutely don't want to be appear like one. So also you might find it difficult to accept it.

And whether you have faith or you just pretend to be spiritual the place becomes a sort of comfort zone as Spiritual zone has its own energy. This energy is very addictive which makes people come once and stay there forever.

To make sure you accept spirituality in correct way make sure you follow these few tips - 

1) Have a specific goal/ reason for getting into spirituality

As a lot of people get into spirituality and then forget to do everything else in their life. They forget their family, kids and just sit under a tree. That will involve a lot of karma and then that solemn tree also will not give you peace of mind. Because the starving family is cursing you.

2) There are crooks even in Spiritual groups

If you have just seen some major dissatisfaction and unexpected human behaviour in your normal life. You might take refuge of spiritual groups to ease out. But remember there are devils there too. Spirituality is for everyone who has been through a lot + for all those who have been unwanted to others.

3) Spiritual world isn’t magical all the time -

When you get into spirituality you might experience an instant refreshing and magical feeling. But its not always the same.

The instant good feeling was because you were suffering since long and the spiritual world was waiting to shower some warmth to you. So the initial time might be magical. But then you are expected to grow from there. If you stay for long it might suck and reality will come to sting you. So its better to enjoy a little and then get to work.

4) You are there for Growth! - 

Getting into spirituality and not growing. Is like wanting to sit in a 5 star hotel and not wanting to eat anything. What will happen? You’ll be thrown out after a few convincing attempts. You are not here to be forever. Yes you might have read about rishis who were born like that and remained like that their entire life. Or somebody who was born normal and then turned into a saint. But that sort of lifestyle is not gifted to everyone.

Once you enter this zone you will be expected to start growing and evolving. You can choose the path how you want to grow, or you will be given once when you are ready.

Why you feel shy for accepting it? 

Now these above given explanation is for all who read this article. Because to know how’s and why’s of spirituality is important. But the reason why you feel conscious to accept it is this. You have already seen a number of crooks, silly and funny people. And the majority of people in the world when facing problems. Turn towards spirituality. And that might make you feel that you might give a wrong impression about you.

Also some people who are into spirituality are very spiritual and divine. And some people from materialistic world might also consider them holy and divine. And might rever them. And this thought itself might make you uncomfortable. As you might not feel you are that holy and eligible to be revered by anyone. Yes a sort of respect will build up for you, because you know something that is holy and divine that they don't know.

Also there is one more fear that once you enter that image of a saint and then are found doing ordinary chores of day to day life. Might out down your image and cause you loss.

What to do to help remove all unnecessary woo around spirituality?

The above points I shared, were necessary as I wanted everybody reading this article know what Spirituality actually is. And not to use that tool as a lifetime refuge. Yes you can be spiritual for lifetime but being born as a Human you also have a karma.

Spirituality is infinite and so are spiritual practices.
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Once you get into it you will notice a couple of practices that are appealing to you, though you might not know what you’d do with them. Still you love doing them. And then there might be a couple of practices that are weird and might instill fear and insecurity inside you. Because they might appear dangerous and brutal.

Try following the practices that are saatvik. Means that don’t harm anyone at all. No human or animal. And get into practices that please you. Sometimes there are paths that seem so intresting and intriguing that you just feel like walking more and more ahead on it. Just remember if you are there without a specific goal then take every step very cautiously. All that glitters is not gold. But somethings might be real gold.

Stay in integrity with your inbuilt ethics and values. Yes ethics and values for everyone in this planet is different. Some might also be given wrong one’s that are harmful to the mankind. But if you decipher them and remove all violence and brutality from it. Ethics are all pure and valuable for our growth. Killing anyone cannot be an ethic or value. But killing negative mentality and negative emotions from a live human is a True ethic.

Accept what you do, and not what Spirituality or spiritual knowledge can do - 

Spirituality is vast and there are lot of unbelievable experiences when one enters spirituality. Well you don’t need to unveil all of those experiences when you go professional. When you turn into a psychic or spiritual master you will be knowing a LOT. And you are not turning into a master so that you can reveal all that spiritual world has shown you in one sitting.

Your spiritual experiences are what the spiritual world wants to teach you or show you. But they might not be same for others. And others will have different experiences. You know that.
Stick to your point and your services. And not on your experiences. Chances are that people might not even believe you and go away. You feeling that spirituality is what you have to teach then focus on teaching. And not what you have learnt. People are interested in learning something that can improve their life and not learning stories of your life.

Also don't feel that the vast and enlightening knowledge that you are sharing is yours. Yes some imsights you might have gained. But overall you too learnt something, and while learning you discovered something on your own. And all the knowledge os universe lies in each soul. You are just being a medium to unveil a part of it.

These were the few points that I feel makes you and me conscious about spirituality. But I know that these are not the only points. What’s your reason why you feel shy of accepting Spirituality as your profession. May it be reiki, tarot, angels or anything else.

Mention your profession too along with your response(I’d love to know who you are).

I will be back next week with another interesting topic. If you have some requests of topics that I should write about, then let me know.
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