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7 most tricky cards in Tarot

So here you are learning one more lesson of Tarot. Have you come across some cards in Tarot pack that are totally mind boggling? Tell me?

Being honest I must say there were some cards in the pack that were totally a puzzle for me. They not only confused me but also astounded me with the positions they came into.

Some of the most tricky cards that I have come across are - 

First of all all court cards were very puzzling for me. But that I have cleared out in this post here. Go check if you didn’t read it. Then came a few more cards that I felt were confusing. I have given them below. But they were not BAD or TRICKY. Later on I learnt that Tarot cards don’t have just one meaning. But one single card can hold a lot of meanings and what it means in a reading, requires great skill.

Cards that were confusing were - 

Now you may not find all of these cards confusing, maybe your list might be a little bit different. You can share that in comments below. Well for me these cards have been a challenge and puzzling.

1. Magician - 

Magician isn’t tough to remember. Its easy, but the thing is the application. I was clueless when this card came up in readings as the person performs magic and I couldnt find any reasonable meaning for the reading.

This card means different for different positions. There are countless number of positions according to the 1000’s of spreads that exists in the world. But for e.g lets take an instances.

If the magician turns up in a Health reading, means that if reading shows some health problem exists. Then magician means that this person is someone who has all 5 elements in his control. Which means with that power of control he will be able to control the ailment and bring a healing. Now this is just an example. While the other cards in that reading also matter.

2. High Priestess -

The High Priestess confused me for quite a long time. She is guiding the door to spiritual world right! She sits on the pathway that opens to the secrets of the universe. WT*. This was a puzzle. I would be mind boggled when this card came up in a relationship reading.

Well it was not that bad as I felt it would be. The reading was something like the priestess was guarding a secret which might point out to a female in that relationship who is hiding a secret. Or secretly passing away some useful info to someone else. Whom you don’t know.

Well again this is just one instance. The exact meaning for you might differ based on the position the card turns up plus the other cards around this card also are need to be considered.

3. Hermit - 

Hermit and Hireophant were to silly people what I felt were duplicates of each other. Why the hell does the other named man has to exist if they mean almost the same.

Well let’s clear out. Hierophant is the one who is like a church priest. But whether he is priest or not, doesn’t matter. The ability of him to help you grasp the knowledge to reach the divine matters.

Now if this card turns up in a property reading, then it might mean something like this. That to deal with your property matters you might need to contact a broker who is the hierophant of real estate. Just an assumed reading. Other cards + card positions matter. 

The Hanged man was the one that turned up the most in my readings about me and my clients. Little did I know what that upside down man was doing while being suspended to that point.

The Hanged man card means that the man is somewhere stuck in his life. Some situations where he can help and bring out effective solutions are not demanding his help. And he with his knowledge and wisdom has to shup-up in that moment.

Now lets assume this card turns up in career/job progress reading. And then this card would mean that you are in a situation where you feel your expertise will help to take forward a project or tender. Which will make your company profit as well as excel. And at the same time will earn you good recognition as a result of job well done. But the torture is nobody is allowing you to speak up and say your point. Everybody is busy and wants to express their own ideas. Spread position and other cards around this card matter.

5. Devil - 
Devilish man with goat legs means shit when it turns up in your money reading. This man doesn’t have any money in his hand. He has goat legs and is sitting proudly. What can he point out to in a money or financial reading.

Well it can mean a lot. It can mean your pride or ego is blocking you from getting the abundance you want in your life. Or maybe the devil inside you is the result of your money drain. Your ego can bring you pride but it cannot bring you money to cover those goat legs with some cloth.

6. Death 

Damn! Why does this card exist at all in the Tarot pack. *&%#$^)@(. No words for this card. I actually hid my deck away(lol) after I started learning tarot and saw this card. Didn’t pick up the pack again till next two months.

Well to the horror if it, this card just doesn’t mean end of life only. It can mean a million other things. That show dead end, stoppage, end of a phase, stop and take other way, forget this, leave it, let go… etc.

Also take other cards in the reading into considerations. if its really meaning ____ then other cards will also sing in chorus with this card.

Then there’s a tie between Judgement and Justice. These two cards I feel were meaning the same. And why they were given separately didn’t matter. See the justice meant justice according to good and bad karma in materialistic world. And judgement was a hearing of decision/judgement passed on for the good or bad karmas of a soul. Confused?!

Well I too was confused. Justice actually means justice for your good bad karmas in your day to day life. Where you feel there was injustice there will be justice done for you.

And judgement is actually the study of good and bad karmas across lives and then judgement is passed over for that.
These are the cards that I found tricky. I would like that you share the cards you found tricky or difficult to understand. Also if you have found a better way to understand the cards that you find difficult then you can also share that please in comments below.
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