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11 sure-fire ways to become a Professional Tarot Reader

12 sure-fire ways to become a Professional Tarot Reader

If you are reading this blog for learning Tarot there might be two reasons for it. First you want to learn Tarot for yourself so that you don’t have to depend on other fortune tellers for your predictions. Or you might be learning Tarot so that you can Master Tarot Cards so that you can become a Professional Tarot Card Reader.

When I began reading Tarot I never planned that I will make it into a profession anytime sooner. It was just a hobby. But then a time came when I actually had began doing professional readings. And just accepting that “Im a Tarot Professional” was what was left on my part. I had not yet started telling people that I am a “Tarot Reader”

So here are a few tips that will help you to become a renowed Professional Tarot Reader - 

1. Your Intuition is super important - 

If you are learning to read the Tarot, chances are that you might feel whether you have to be intuitive or not. As not everyone who wants to become a Tarot Reader has that inbuilt habit.
Well I must tell you that intuition is a very important ability that we all have. But whether you have it active or not depends on how much that voice has been suppressed till now.
If you don’t feel that you have any intuitive ability, I would suggest developing it then first. Because without it you will be like a peacock without feathers. You get it how important it is for you!
You might be able to learn meanings of Cards from books, but its your intuition that will help you guide people to take action steps to make their life better. Mugging up books cannot help with life.

2. Practicing Tarot Reading regularly is a MUST

Practice is a must. You remember of any expert of any area become proficient with his/ her art without practice? NO. Its not at all possible for anyone. And so neither for you or me. If you want to become a professional Tarot Reader you have to be a Master at doing predictions. And so practice your skills.
Its not that you can do it few times a week. You need to do it daily. Yes on daily basis when you will do it, then you are going to have mastery over it. Don’t olympians who want to win do certain things for hours on daily basis….? Why? Yes you got it.

3. Learning from your mistakes is what will make you grow, sitting and lamenting and then putting the deck away doesn’t work.
Tarot is not a magic science that will come to you once you hold the deck, and make you a master prophesizer by its midas touch. Tarot techniques can be learned within a few days, but you will need to practice your skills. Giving up with your 1 or 2 mistakes will just make you a looser.
And yes write this is bold letters in your mind, that YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. Its not a magical science. It needs your attention and enthusiasm if you want to build up on this science.
Did you love something deeply from the heart, and then put it away just because you couldn’t understand it? Never right! you stood up once again and gave it a try. That’s the way you might have become a master at some art like drawing, cooking, biking, swimming etc. Then why do you have to leave Tarot if inititally you cannot show that magic with your cards?
Keep giving your best try, Tarot should get into your veins. And then it will be easy and smooth as butter to use it.

4. If some cards are difficult/ scary/ illogical , understand them they’ll pop up during your testing times. 
This is big deal. If some cards are boggling you, pick them out of the pack. And try to understand them.  They will pop up again and again during your readings. Yes I am saying that and I don’t mean to freak you out. But I just want to keep you alert enough. So that you are aware of this fact. And so that you start working for those cards that confuse you.
Scary cards means you have just taken some cards for their literal meanings, difficult cards are the one’s who you have not understood fully. And illogical cards are something that you have tried to link to something in your life but haven’t found any hint of what it can mean.

5. Certificates are important -
Though no certificate in this world can mean that you are an amazing Tarot Reader, but a Tarot Reader is someone who deals with lives of people. And when you are giving advice for life and decisions that can alter life. You need to have certifications. And people who are unknown can actually have a look at your certificates and heave a sigh of relief.
Like how you just like to have a look at certi’s in doctors office. So try to have your certi’s.

6. Being honest is important -
Being honest in a profession where you are dealing with lives of people is very very important. You might have seen businesses where there is a bit of diplomacy and salesy behaviour. Yet here you are not to just make money. Making a sale isn’t cumpolsory. I don’t mean to say that you don’t have to charge people. There is Karma involved so money exchange is important.
But being in this profession only so that you can charge people fat money shouldn’t be the reason why you have chosen this as a profession.

7. Charging money is important - 
Sooner or later if you turn into a Tarot professional this will become clear. Though you might have your day job that pays off your bills or you have some other source of income. But charging money is very important in return of your Tarot readings.
Limiting people to form a habit to visit a fortune teller has to be done. And that can be done only with the help when there’s a limitation of Money. Money when taken in exchange of a reading will surely become a block if people try to depend too much on your advice.
Keeping people away from coming repetedly to you is your duty. You cannot make a bunch of people just fearfully keep coming to you, so that you can earn money. Karma is also involved, and charging money will help you to raise that professional limitation. And avoid drama in future.

8. Accept your mistakes even in front of your Clients-

Yes you will be wrong sometimes. Also when you start dealing with new people there might be some ice-breaking needed. You are not perfect, and you neednt act like one in front of people. People who come to you are insecure and anxious for they are relying on you for their future. But that doesn’t have to make you behave like a Godly being.
Make them aware of the fact that you are normal and Tarot will help them to figure out problems of their life. When people visit fortune tellers they feel fortune-tellers have some extraordinary powers. And are connected to divine(yes you are, but as a normal human being. Whereas expectations might be something like you being a magician or miracle bringer who can swish wands).

9. Don’t make your clients dependant on you forever -
Being a future teller has its own pros and cons. And people getting dependant on you is one. Make people aware that they are living beings with freewill. And every human has a voice in them that guides them.
Let them trust their inner self more. Your work should be such that whether you are there for them, or they decide to live the life on their own. They will still be able to figure out a path for them. Future tellers are not someone who stays forever in a clients life. You don’t have to build your business like where you are the bank and people are gonna need you forever.

10. Be spiritual, realistic and practical -

You are going to help people with their life and future, so there has to be a lot of spiritual knowledge in you. As spirituality is what touches everyone and you can touch and improve lives of people with Spirituality.
But at the same time try to be realistic and practical. Spirituality sometimes separates people from the real world. You don't have to do that. People haven't some to you to learn spirituality. They have come to make their materialistic life better. So give them practical solutions to improve their lives.
Appearing spiritual and divine will tickle them for a moment. Then they'll want to see some really extraordinary feats from you. So its better to stay grounded and human.
Unless you are really very highly spiritual & evolved person, if you have accepted certain spiritual makeovers. Keep it simple. Know that spirituality isn't for showing off, which people coming to you might point out. So be natural there too. If you have taken up some dress code, your acceptance is what matters. You cannot accept everybody to accept it.

11. Accept what you cannot mend, you ain’t a magician -
Accept and act like a natural and normal human being. If people ask you to do something extraordinary which is beyond your capacity or capacity of humans. Be open and accept it in front of them. I have known many people who have had this problem. One of my participant was asked to magically change somebody's mind with Tarot cards. And it was impossible for him. And he was clueless how to deal with that client. 
So know that such requests are also gonna come up. And be prepared to handle them. 

12. Mugging up some Tarot Books cannot make you a Professional Tarot Reader
How many time have you heard this? Don't depend on bookish meanings. And still you have your mind wandering when you pull out cards, and wants to get back into some book that you read before?!
Tarot is something isn't mastered from Books. I have seen people doing this and trying to imitate to be some great Tarot Readers and Teachers. But that's not gonna work. When clients see your work they will come to know where you belong. So just calling yourself a Tarot Reader based on a few books you've read doesn't count.
Be honest with yourself and master your knowledge and intuition with Tarot cards. If you really love Tarot you are going to give it a try and work really hard to connect with the cards.
I mean genuinely it feels really great when your readings are accurate and people give heart-felt thanks to you for your readings. 

That's all from me for now, I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions/ comments please leave them in comments below. I hope you liked reading it, as much as I loved writing it.
Will catch you next week....
Love & Hugss

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