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7 most tricky cards in Tarot

So here you are learning one more lesson of Tarot. Have you come across some cards in Tarot pack that are totally mind boggling? Tell me? Being honest I must say there were some cards in the pack that were totally a puzzle for me. They not only confused me but also astounded me with the positions they came into. Some of the most tricky cards that I have come across are -  First of all all court cards were very puzzling for me. But that I have cleared out in this post here. Go check if you didn’t read it. Then came a few more cards that I felt were confusing. I have given them below. But they were not BAD or TRICKY. Later on I learnt that Tarot cards don’t have just one meaning. But one single card can hold a lot of meanings and what it means in a reading, requires great skill. Cards that were confusing were -  Now you may not find all of these cards confusing, maybe your list might be a little bit different. You can share that in comments below. Well for me these cards hav

Does being into Spiritual profession shy you away?

Shying away from Spiritual Profession? Do you shy away from accepting that you are into spirituality? Don’t worry, coz you are not the only one. There are many people all over the world who feel this way. I’d like to tell you my story. I too got into spirituality long back but never knew that I will take it as my profession. Reason? spirituality and wearing gemstone malas and rudraksha bracelets is considered as taboo and people doing it are considered crooks in a way. Taking to the way they behave in materialistic world. Then when I actually discovered my interests in spiritual field, I started digging deep into it. I thought its just for my personal interest that I am learning it. But slowly I discovered I loved doing it all the time. And only better option was that I start charging for it. And take it as my profession. Spirituality & it acceptance -  Spirituality is something where you try to learn about the unknown world. And the entire race in this world goes

Which questions you should avoid for Tarot Reading?

Which questions you should avoid for Tarot Reading? Tarot reading is all about helping improving people and their lives. And though not future is set on stone, there have been a couple of instances in past about accurate predictions. That actually makes people believe in future telling like as if its set in stone. So as a professional  you have this responsibility that you don’t make people believe in you as if your word is a word from God. So inorder that you keep your side safe there are certain questions which I feel every fortune teller should avoid. While there are people who believe answering these questions is totally fine as it can help people to take life decisions or take better precautions. But for me I strictly stay away from these bombs. Life endangering questions -  Questions like “how much life span do I have?” or “How much time is left?” This is the most deadly question and is a MUST AVOID for all fortune tellers. You are not God and can neither take t

11 sure-fire ways to become a Professional Tarot Reader

12 sure-fire ways to become a Professional Tarot Reader If you are reading this blog for learning Tarot there might be two reasons for it. First you want to learn Tarot for yourself so that you don’t have to depend on other fortune tellers for your predictions. Or you might be learning Tarot so that you can Master Tarot Cards so that you can become a Professional Tarot Card Reader. When I began reading Tarot I never planned that I will make it into a profession anytime sooner. It was just a hobby. But then a time came when I actually had began doing professional readings. And just accepting that “Im a Tarot Professional” was what was left on my part. I had not yet started telling people that I am a “Tarot Reader” So here are a few tips that will help you to become a renowed Professional Tarot Reader -  1. Your Intuition is super important -  If you are learning to read the Tarot, chances are that you might feel whether you have to be intuitive or not. As not e