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How to use Court Cards for Self-improvement?

How to use court card for Self-improvement?

Are you a beginner? Do court Court Cards suck? I used to suck big-time at court cards when I began with Tarot. I didn't know what on earth what those 4 different kings and queens meant.
I wondered if there is one king and queen then why is there need for another 3 pairs. And plus one more pair in the Majors!! Sigh. But wanted to learn Tarot, so had no other choice then Accepting the queenie and kingies. 
So I finally gave up complaining and started rubbing my brains best, on how these babies managed to get their place in the Rider Waite pack.
court cards

So here’s what they(kings, queens) told me. These people are not just helping us in the pack to learn about different personalities. But also how the people of different age behave in different situations in life. As you know that people though how good they are have a different way of behaving when they are stressed, tensed, happy and frustrated. 

How do court cards help us? 
If court cards show us only the negative and positive aspect of personalities of people, then you might be thinking that how the hell can they help!?
Well Court  cards when they help us to know the personalities and how they behave during their good and bad times. And plus how their behaviour also depends on their element. Can help you to learn how to deal with each kind of personality. And not just to deal but to deal with them efficiently. Be it they are your Family members, friends, or colleagues. You need to maintain relationships with people right! And not just these people you can also learn how to deal with clients, and teach them these secrets too. That will help them improve their relationships in their life. 
Which means a returning customer!! Wink wink. :) 

Self improvement with these court cards -

Pages - 
Pages of all suits

Pages are the little people who have just emerged from other realm. They are immature only in their bodies. They still may have their spiritual traits and wisdom. Wrapped up in tender immature and innocent personality. That even creates mischief and a ruckus. Teaching the elderly to let go and take it easy. 
While leaving a lot of rough edges along the way, signalling they too need to learn in return. 
(some decks believe pages to be females) 

Knights - 
Knights of all suits
Knights of all suits

Knights are the little elder ones then the pages. Knights can be the adults or some believe they are the adolescents in their teens. With their love for speed and action. That is shown in their already riding horses. 
Knights give the signal to take action. Plus not just that their negative trait involves being too rough or speedy while being absent minded. Or giving lesser importance to the details. 
(some decks believe knights to be males) 

Queens - 
Queens of all suits
Queens of all suits

Queens are the females that are no more young or ignorant about life. They are the grown up females who have seen motherhood, maturity of being a woman and handling hassles plus their career(this also includes housewife career ;) )
Queens also signal motherly women are around, or motherly care is around. Be it from males though. 

Kings - 
King of all suits
King of all suits

Kings are males matured and experienced about “Life”. They don’t just display characteristics of elderly men. But they show their ripened sense of world and how to deal with it. Some of them might have succeeded at the challenges that the world threw towards them. While some might still be struggling and some might have accepted a failure. 
Kings show men who are masters of their fields they specialise in. Be it good qualities or the negative qualities. They might have mastered it all. 

While every personality has the zest of each of these court cards. They have the more of what the card says. 

How can you suggest improvement to yourself or other’s, through different suits the court cards belong to.. 

Self improvement with the court card of a particular suit -

Swords - 
Good aspects - Quick to decide, quick to act.
Negative aspect - Quick action, slows down in future and gets bored. Cannot stay constant with one idea or decision.  

Good Aspects - Can stay constant at one decision, steady and focused.
Negative Aspects - Fiery and hot blooded. Laser sharp focus can go wrong sometimes. And cannot accept failure or setbacks. Breakdown happens then. 

Good Aspects - Warm and loving, very caring and affectionate. Will never let anybody they love become helpless. Or will never let any stone unturned to help the people they love. 

Good Aspects - Slow and steady wins the race fits them. Money minded, love for materialistic pleasures and comforts. 
Negative aspects - Cannot hurry up, too slow. Can become too blunt with their materialism. 

Thats what these court cards say, these are my thoughts. Let me know what your thinking is for the court cards. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave in comment below. I read all my comments and reply to one’s that need attention 1st

Share this post with your Tarot Lover friends, you never know whom it might help. Because helping a Tarot Aspirant is helping HUMANITY. They help people with problems of their Lives.

Love & Hugss...

Note - This week we have the Mercury Retrograde starting. A small word for that, mercury retrograde is good for all the pending work that was being left for over a long period of time. Finish all that you procrastinated before proceeding with new work. Not good time for new beginnings. But if new beginnings are unavoidable, then review all details and documents carefully before proceeding.

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