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9 different ways to use Tarot Cards?

If you are new to Tarot chances are you are clueless on how to use your deck. Here are a simple few ways that can show you how to use your Tarot Cards. Tarot Cards have a number of uses. Just considering Tarot for predictions is under-estimating the power of this vast science. 
Tarot cards can be used in a number of different ways. The one’s listed below are a few of them. These will be easy to follow plus fun to do by yourself, or with friends. If your friends know of your Tarot Love then you can also carry your Tarot deck at your Girl’s night out party or outdoor camps and do these activities with your buddies. 
Tarot for Guidance

1. For daily guidance

Tarot Cards can be used for Daily Guidance. Use your pack to pull out daily one card after shuffling. You can do this fun exercise for yourself or for your tribe. Friends just love to know “what’s coming up?” and “What to do to improve their day?” 
That’s how newspaper daily prediction column runs unstoppable for years. 

2. For Regular Motivation - 

Tarot for Motivation

YES, here’s comes the trump card. If you are new to Tarot then you might not know but Tarot cards can be great for motivation. Life keeps getting challenging and difficult. And Tarot with its deep secrets to know human life and its challenges also know solutions to human life problems. 
Pick up a card whenever you feel down, to get that instant boost of motivation. 
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3. For knowing your personality

Tarot cards have 16 personality cards known as the court cards. These cards + some major’s also define strong personalities that humans can possess. You can pick out just the personality cards and shuffle them up and pick cards to get your personality.
Personality recognition is the key to finding solutions for that personality. Keep doing this exercise regularly for learning personality of your own as well as people. You will be amazed at how accurate this can be. 

4. For learning about your Career

Career questions not just come up for youngsters but people who seem to appear stable in their career also have curiosity to learn about theirs. There are several cards in your Tarot deck that can help you get answers for Career. Like the Suit of wands can actually give you a lot of answers for Career Related issues. I will be discussing more on this in future. 

5. For learning about your Relationships

You have your own Agony aunt in your Tarot Cards. LOL Yes the suit of Cups that tell you about relationship issues. Suit of cups has everything that a relationship goes through. From the initial phase to the ripe phase these cards can tell you all about a relationship. 
Not just the details, but tarot can also give guidance on how to improve it or about its strength. How its gonna see testing times and challenges. 

6. For learning about money & resources - 

Tarot guides you about finances. Financial stability is what everybody wants. And a little truth behind this is that everybody wants comforts and luxuries. Not what they have, but something that they see other having who might be a bit higher then their financial status. 
After all “Grass is always greener on the other side”. Keeping aside all that discussion Tarot can help you to learn about how finances can be in your life. And what to do inorder to keep finances steady in your life. 

7. For increasing your Mind Power -

This is totally new to you, and I must say this is where versatility of Tarot comes to light. Tarot is not a boring tool for foretelling future. 
I must say every mode of fortune telling that tells only Whats gonna happen in future, are totally boring and lifeless. And they actually are the least that anybody wants to go to. Life is full and radiant. And everybody wants enjoy the wholeness of life. 
Tarot Can help you to dig out your inner skills and power. Your mind is really potent. The way this earthly existence rolls out for every soul putting its foot on it gets his mind screwed. And lives a life of limitations and keeps longing for greatness and power. 
Tarot can help you with this. And help you to know what’s the ultimate power that lies within you that can help you to bring that breakthorough in your life. 

8. For working upon your Fears

Tarot for Fears

Tarot gives you the clear know-how of every Human soul. And also knows very well about the problems being a human brings. Tarot can help you with handling your fears. Handling your fears plus can also help is eliminating them. Yes its not a magic wand, that will swish its way to puff away the fear automatically.
You will require to work upon with Tarot. 

9. For setting your Goals - 

Goal setting is also possible with Tarot. Tarot is a set of cards that has all the phases of human life pre-defined into it. And they have been put systematically into the deck. Only you need to figure out what phase of your life is where. And then based on that you will be able to set your goals in a way that will make them the quickest and easiest available way to achieve it. 

These are the some of the ways by which you can use Tarot Cards. Do you have any other ideas which can be added to this list, please share them in comments below. Also if you have tried these techniques for yourself then let me know how you liked them, which one is your favorite. 
Though I know I havent discussed in detail a few of them. As they are too deep and are a standlone lengthy topic that cannot be covered here. 
Tell me how you enjoyed this info? I will be back next week again, if you have any queries or questions please drop them in comment below. Also if you have requests to discuss some specific topics here please mention that too in your comments. Share this post with Tarot lovers. Thank you soo much for being with me :) 

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