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How to use Court Cards for Self-improvement?

How to use court card for Self-improvement? Are you a beginner? Do court Court Cards suck? I used to suck big-time at court cards when I began with Tarot. I didn't know what on earth what those 4 different kings and queens meant. I wondered if there is one king and queen then why is there need for another 3 pairs. And plus one more pair in the Majors!! Sigh. But wanted to learn Tarot, so had no other choice then Accepting the queenie and kingies.  So I finally gave up complaining and started rubbing my brains best, on how these babies managed to get their place in the Rider Waite pack. So here’s what they(kings, queens) told me. These people are not just helping us in the pack to learn about different personalities. But also how the people of different age behave in different situations in life. As you know that people though how good they are have a different way of behaving when they are stressed, tensed, happy and frustrated.  How do court cards help us?  If

9 different ways to use Tarot Cards?

If you are new to Tarot chances are you are clueless on how to use your deck. Here are a simple few ways that can show you how to use your Tarot Cards. Tarot Cards have a number of uses. Just considering Tarot for predictions is under-estimating the power of this vast science.  Tarot cards can be used in a number of different ways. The one’s listed below are a few of them. These will be easy to follow plus fun to do by yourself, or with friends. If your friends know of your Tarot Love then you can also carry your Tarot deck at your Girl’s night out party or outdoor camps and do these activities with your buddies.  1. For daily guidance -  Tarot Cards can be used for Daily Guidance. Use your pack to pull out daily one card after shuffling. You can do this fun exercise for yourself or for your tribe. Friends just love to know “what’s coming up?” and “What to do to improve their day?”  That’s how newspaper daily prediction column runs unstoppable for years.  2. For

Weekly Tarot Reading for 15th August - 21st August 2016

Weekly Tarot for this week, general Tarot Reading. That you can make personal for you, how? its discussed in the video itself.