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Choosing the Right Tarot Deck -

How to choose a Tarot Deck?

If you are a tarot learner you would probably be asking this to yourself. And if you don’t know that there’s more then one type of deck then welcome to the world of Tarot. Its not a lone party here. You have more then dozens of artists who have created their version of Tarot decks.

A right tarot deck can make you a star quickly, whereas a Tarot deck that’s not right for you can make you suck as a Tarot reader. Even if you are well learned with the card meanings.

Now moving onto the type of decks quickly, let’s cut the unnecessary crap. Tarot decks are of two types. Usually when you surf through the internet then you’ll come to know two basic types that are Beginner’s Tarot Deck and Advanced Tarot Deck.

Now if you are a layman for tarot you’ll surely never peep into the advanced tarot deck section and directly dive into beginner’s section and end up buying one.

So before you too do that like how thousands of tarot reader’s have done it in the past and then regretted their decision later. I would like to tell you one big secret about these types.

Beginner’s and Advanced Tarot Deck -

Beginner’s Tarot deck is the basic typo deck. I call these decks kindergarten decks. These decks also look like as if painted by kindergarten kids. These decks have just basic symbolism. They have highly glowing pastel shades and raw childlike images. These decks though appear so good on the list, will not give you much joy in doing any readings(that’s what I feel) as there would be hardly any connection to the deck.

Beginner's Tarot Decks>> 

Recommended Advanced Decks >>

What are the basic factors to take into account?

There are some basic factors that you need to take into account before purchasing your Right Deck. Here I have listed the main one’s. There are more too. But these main points count the most for the perfect selection.

Colors - See for the colour scheme in the deck. The colour scheme is very important. You are unique and so is your choice of colors. The deck that you choose should be one that you love and appeal you the most.

There are some decks that have very bright colors, some have monotone type of coloring, some deck have soothing light colors while other’s may appear with some collage type of work.

None of them are right or wrong decks. Choose the deck that appeals you the most with its colors.

The images are from Da Vinci Enigma Tarot, see more about it here>> 

These images are from Da Vinci Tarot , see here for more images and details>>

Theme - There are themes of Tarot decks. A beginner deck will have just the Rider-Waite theme. But advanced decks have rider waite theme + some other theme. Like the Sacred India Tarot deck has the Indian Mythological theme of Ramayana & Mahabharata embedded along with the Rider Waite theme. The Fairy Tarot Deck will have the theme of Fairies and their kingdom embedded along with the Rider waite Theme.

These are from the Mayan Tarot Deck, you can clearly see the Mayan theme. See here for more details>>

Now you need to be careful if you are buying an advanced deck. As if you buy a deck with a theme that don’t have knowledge of, then you might have to learn it. Though most decks contain an accompanying booklet that will contain its meanings.
To see more images from this deck, check here>>

If you buy an advanced deck whose theme is very well known to you, then following that deck will be very easy for you to follow. Like if you have learnt about angels and if you buy Angel Tarot or Guardian Angel Tarot. Then those decks will fall very easy for you to understand. And you might not have to make any extra effort to learn them.

Connection - The one most important thing out of all these points listed. If you connect to the deck despite of other points not matching. Then you can go for the deck.

To know whether you connect to the deck you just need to know -

- Whether the deck attracts you, that its imagery has taken over your mind. And you dream day and night only of that deck? (Sounds like a love story, yes love story of you and your cards)
You touch it, and cannot put it down.
Looking at the images, you just feel that you are in love with them. You love the colours, artistry, strokes and they immediately remind you of some event or the other of your life.
Does it feel good? There are some decks that might not make you feel good when you look at them.

Images -

Images are the whole and sole most important things on your deck. I have browsed through 100’s of decks on the internet in the past 11 years and I have seen a variety of imagery on the decks.

Imagery types -
That makes sense easily
The looks like patches of images randomly put, that looks meaningless in the first look.
The images that don’t look perfect artistry but they do convey some meaning.
Images that feel as it they are sculpted from wood or some stone or folded from metal.

Now all these are basic types of imagery that I found on various tarot decks. It depends on you whether you love and connect with that type of imagery. I am using the word LOVE a lot throughout this post. Its just because loving your deck is very important if you are really serious about your tarot reading journey. 

For me the deck that has lovely artistry is very important. Deck should have perfect colors, great artistry and prefect proportions of the figurines that are drawn on it. For me to connect to the deck. I don’t connect at all to monotonous images, or images that have less detail and art. Its boring for me. Reason is I myself am an artist and love to draw and paint. It sucks when I see poor artistry and drab colors.

But that’s just my choice, for you it may be different. You might like some deck that has totally different sort of imagery. That has randomly placed images. Or even monotone imagery.

Symbolism - This is important as symbols are the ones that you are going to connect to. Symbolism can be easy to understand, they might be spread about randomly without any systematic order, or they might be symbolized in textures or patterns. Symbolism on tarot deck can be of variety.
Like there are decks that give symbolism that is very eye appealing, you'll feel as if you are looking at a photograph. And the symbolism embeds very easily in it, in a way that you feel it has direct connection to human life.
Whereas there is symbolism that appears weird(to me atleast) that will appear directly as a symbol rather then blending into the image. Like you can check this image below
These images are from the deck Deviant Moon Tarot, see more images here>>

Then there's this deck called Shadowscapes tarot, where there is so much imagery into one card, yet the deck looks appealing(acc to me). Its by Stephanie Pui Mun Law
To check more images and details about this deck check here>>

I have listed some of my favorite decks here, if you wish to check them then see the links next to them. Out of all of the shared images I totally love Shadowscapes Tarot and the Sacred India Tarot. You can check their images above. I personally own these decks so can swear by their imagery. Go for it if you like the samples.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot -  by Ciro Marchetti 

To check more images from Legacy of Divine Tarot, see here>>

Gilded Tarot again by Ciro Marchetti-

If you want to check more images from Gilded Tarot, see here>>

Check the Chrysalis Tarot deck images - 
Check details about Chrysalis Tarot deck, here>>

Guardian angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue - 
To see details and more images for this deck, check here>>
Then Witches Tarot - 
Check out the images for the witches tarot, and details here>>
That's all from me for now, next week I will be back with more interesting stuff. I would love to know how you liked this post, please share your comments/ feedback in comments below. Also if you have questions, or want to learn about a topic in tarot write your suggestions below in comments. 
Love & Hugss Priti :) 

To check out card images before purchasing the deck, go here... www.aeclectic.net

About the card image copyrights - I have included 2 samples only of each deck I have mentioned. I feel that will help people to introduce to that deck. These links are not going to bring me money, if people buy clicking on them. I have just unconditionally shared my favs to help beginner's know what to choose and what are some good decks. 
If you feel your artwork has been used here, and you want more credits to be published. Or you feel they are wrongly taken, then please mail me at priti at souls-purpose dot net. I would be happy to assist you in a way that's beneficial to both of us. Thank you for producing these lovely deck/s

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