Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Is Tarot bad?

Is Tarot Evil?

Many times I get this question. When I wanted to learn Tarot, at that time this question haunted my mind too. And it took me rather long to decide whether I should learn it or not. But as I tried and tested both the options of tarot being good and bad. I think I can share with you this topic.
Tarot is actually not bad. Its just a tool like every other tool you use to achieve a certain outcome. You can use Tarot to get answers, make predictions and get directions. These are basic things that you  think tarot can help you with. Tarot has many more uses.

Tarot is bad is a myth - Tarot has been linked to many bad names, and its not because its bad itself. Tarot has been quite mysterious. And its time of invention hasn't been sure, which makes it all the more mysterious about its origin. Tarot has been taken lightly as well as very deep as a subject. And both ways it has been able to handle the expectations.

Is Tarot related to Witchcraft or Black magic.
There are people who might be indulging into various practices, who might also choose tarot as a tool. Tarot being used by people doing ill practices doesn't mean its bad. Its just an object. Use it anyway, it doesn't have its own negative or positive energy.
Yes but a Tarot reader can always charge their cards to make them more positive or negative.

Is it not good for you?

Tarot isn’t good or bad. Its just a tool. Like you have told for every other work you do. For writing you have pens, for gardening you have gardening tools, for skiing you have skiing tools. In the same way Tarot is a tool for fortune telling and divination.

Why Tarot has a bad name ?

Tarot’s origin isn’t known till date. Where it originated, who created its 1st deck, and which year was it found the first time. All are yet unknown. And this fact itself makes it more mystical and freaky. Which can make tarot appear a bit strange and unusual.

Not just this, there are some people who used tarot with magical rituals that appeared scary and evil. Though people dealing with any art of fortune telling and prophecies have a typical manner to swirl their hands or chant mantras along with using their arts. People using tarot made it appear mystical and scary. They just did that to make tarot appear sacred and divine. While some might have portrayed a silly ghostly image too of tarot. Just to keep their clients aware that they are masters of something greater, and so should be respected for their art.

People practicing evil can be found everywhere. Not just evil practices but thinking evil and hateful also is bad. And this is common that every human gets such thoughts. But still we don't consider people thinking negative as negative people. Its not what you think, but what you do makes you.

What you decide to do with tarot, is totally upto you.
Though there are people doing evil practices with Tarot, you can still learn Tarot and use it in the most positive and uplifting way. Tarot can hurt and tarot can heal. Its upto YOU how to use it.
Tarot is just a tool. (like how a knife can be used to cut veggies to give good health, and same knife can be used to stab people.)

Does using Tarot bring Ghosts or spirits into your life?
NOPE. Never. Tarot as I said is just a tool. There are people who might be invoking spirits along with using tarot. But Tarot isn't going to automatically going to attract spirits into your life. There are some people who are very comfy with connecting to spirits while using tarot. They do it. And then there are people who don't like spirits, they like angels and higher divine energies. And so they choose to invite angels and higher energies while using Tarot.
If you are not comfy with spirits or spirit guides, then invoke divine angels and masters while using tarot. Its that simple!
People talking to Ghosts or other weird practices can be found using Tarot. But Tarot isn’t connected to Spirits.

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