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13 ways to increase your Intuitive skills

What's Intuition

Its the ability to understand something, some people or some event prior to its occurrence without any conscious reasoning is because of your intuition. Intuition is the ability thats given to all animals and humans. Though humans lose it because they don't use it or are not taught how to use it.
Intuition can though be used and polished to make it more and more powerful.

How intuition works?

Intuition works through your five senses. Though we call it sixth sense, it still helps you through your five senses. And though it uses the five senses to guide you, its intelligence is way beyond the five senses.
Intuition gives you signs through the five senses. Through one or more of the senses to which you are extra sensitive. If you are very sharp with their visual sense, intuition will guide you through visuals. If you are sharp with listening then intuition will guide you through audio signals. If you have more then one sense powerful then you will get combined signals from 2 or more senses.

Is intuition gifted to only few people? 

NO, Intuition is gifted too all. This is the biggest myth that you can have with you. Intuition is the best and the most useful gifts that we humans carry since birth. Animals also have this gift and they have this as their only last resort. Whereas you have your intelligence also along with your intuition.
And so human beings are considered as the most powerful being of this planet. Ofcourse if you use your intelligence+intuition.
Otherwise even vegetables sit and never act!

The above was a pretty rude statement though. As you might not even know how to sharpen your intuition despite of having it. And its not your fault if you were kept devoid of that knowledge till now. We all get that tap into our ignorance when its the right time to unlock that ability. You reading post also is a sign that its time now to tap into your intuition.

How to increase your intuitive abilities?
Since the time you are born you have been brought up such that you learn the ways of this world, so that you are accepted in this world/ society. Though listening to intuition is the best way to deal with the problems of this world. The knowledge of its importance is sort of diminished. 

1. Meditation -

Intuition can be best strengthened by Meditation. Meditation has been known since thousands of years to give super natural powers to humans. And its undoubtedly the best way to tap into your intuitive ability and start using it.
Meditation is best way to tap into your intuition. Though you might be getting to know about it for the first time. Or be totally unaware of how to do it. 
Meditation is concentrating on one point/ image/ thought/ sound repeatedly to stir away all the other noises that are going on in your mind. Here's a simple meditation technique, helping to learn how to meditate

A Simple yet powerful technique to meditate -

Sit in a comfortable position, keep your back straight. Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths. Then breathe normally, and start focusing on your breath.
If you get a thought either positive or negative don’t try to analyse it or judge yourself. Just observe it, after some time it will go away. This will happen a couple of times, and after a while mind will get tired of thinking. And so thoughts will become less and mind will become more and more still
This is the state that you have to continuously practice to be in. Do this daily atleast once. Preferably at sunrise or sunset time. As during the change of phases of day your development of 3rd eye is increased. 

Meditating regularly will slowly unfurl aspects of your intuition. And as time goes by you’ll start getting aware of your extra sensory abilities that were gifted to you since birth. 

2. Listen to your gut feeling -

Once you begin meditating your intuition starts opening up. And as it begins working it will start sending out signals and signs. That is the way your intuition communicates with you. Something thats very common is your gut feeling. Feeling that you feel in your stomach. It can be a good feeling or a nasty feeling both corresponding to the kind of intuitive signs it is sending out. 

Listen to your gut feeling and follow it. When you try to tap into your intuition it immediately starts opening out and getting more louder and clearer day by day. Listening to your intuition is what motivates your intuition to get more sharper.

3. Keep a watch on your Dreams -

Sometimes your intuition will communicate to you through your dreams. And you will know it when you get those dreams. So keep a watch on your dreams, try jotting down some important/ remarkable ones. 

At times you might be very much into the materialistic world that connecting to the intuition would seem unlikely. While if you are working on your intuition and not allowing the intuition to be clear. Your dreams will guide you as your logical mind is totally shut off during your sleep.  

4. Using Crystals -

Using crystals or making crystals a part of your life helps you to connect to the spiritual world. While you are still busy into your materialistic life. 
Crystals are said to be living entities. And that they have a soul of themselves. Each crystal piece is unique can can talk to you if you are really into that crystal. 
Though I say entities for crystals, they aren’t bad or evil. They are just as pure as angels or nature. More like nature they will help you connect to your core energies very quickly. And unfurl your abilities. 
Choose a crystal that you feel attracted towards. Crystals have many characteristics. But choosing the crystal according the benefits its going to give, doesn’t work for everyone. Every crystal is unique and works in a unique way with the person it goes to. 

Yes as you go choose for a crystal, the crystal also chooses you. Your instinct of falling in love with the crystal is not just one sided. The crystal too has carefully chosen you, as it has something that is going to help you. Its said that the crystal that attracts your attention is the one that has energy, which you are lacking. So possessing that crystal will complete you. 

5. Clearing out your space with smudge sticks & bells -

Space clearing is very important. Like its important for you to have a bath regularly. Bathing keeps your body clean, thus allowing it to breathe in fresh energy. In the same way clearing out the space allows the space to breathe freely. The space clearing will make your space more open to getting higher amount of positive spiritual energy. 
Keep your space clear with smudge sticks or incense sticks. Or om bells or singing bowls. Such implements help to stir away all stagnant energy from all corners of the house/ building and helps to attract more positive energy. 

Every religion has some or the other tool like a ringing bell or chime inside their temple? Isn’t that enough proof of the the power of space clearing?!

6. Listening/ Observing signs watchfully -

Intuition talks to you clearly, and sometimes can even shout to you if you are not listening or are confused. But when you are a beginner doubts and insecurity might cloud your mind. I get a lot of people asking me, that they don’t get any signals at all.
That happens when you are expecting some sort of typical answer to the question you’ve asked. Your intuition has vast choices to give you. Whereas your logical mind must be aware only of the 1% knowledge of it. So it doesn’t know how much to expect and what to expect. So its better that you just stop expecting anything after asking question to your intuition. 

Also trying too hard to listen or to get the reply from your intuition is also going to hinder your communication with your intuition. You might feel that “you are just not getting anything”. Thats because you are trying too hard darling!

7. Trusting your intuition & following the guidance -

Having trust in your intuition is huge. There are so many people who don’t trust in their intuitive guidance and then later on regret of not following the guidance. Trusting in your intuition can be daunting task if you are from a world where listening and believing in something that you can see, hear and touch is only considered the truth. Materialistic world will be your challenge while you are developing your intuition.
Signs that are totally irrelevant or opposite of what’s happening in your physical world can be common. And it will be tricky for you to believe in those signs. As you might feel you’re doing something wrong. 

Trust on your intuitive signs and follow them. There will be a number of different signs that you will get once you start working on your intuition. And not all signs will be from your intuition that should be followed. Slowly you’ll begin to learn which signs are the perfect voice of your intuition and which signs are totally crap. I have shared below in this post about what signs to totally avoid while working with your intuition. Make sure you read this entire post. Every piece of info here is valuable. 

8. Have Faith,even if sometimes things don't work out -

Now when you start working on using your intuition, its not going to be a joyride all the time. Where you are going to get good results or perfect results from the first day itself. 
There will be times when you might not understand the intuitive signs at all, and still might feel compelled to understand and follow the signs as quickly as possible. Intuition is never wrong, but its difficult for your intuition to learn how to communicate to you. As you have become more materialistic. 
And there might be times when following your intuition doesn’t give you favourable results. Getting discouraged is likely. But I would suggest not to give up listening to your intuition. As the experience you had might just appear a disaster on its surface. But it might carry deep learnings for something worst coming up in future that you might be able to avoid just because of that one bad experience. 

Also its not always that sort of learning hidden. Sometimes it might just be a learning for you to have faith in the process of life, or have faith in your self. Intuition never goes wrong, but your logical hindering its flow will make you understand the signs in a different way. Leading to a disastrous moment. Yet have faith, your intuition wasn’t wrong. The logical mind’s chatter was. Having faith and holding on to your practices to sharpen your intuition will act as a catalyst. And your intuition will never let you down. A bump experienced will be rewarded later on!

9. Stay away from people who don't believe in intuition -

Try to gel around with people who are also trying to connect to their intuition, or are already connected and listening. People who don't believe in intuitive abilities, can be toxic for your intuition development muscles.
Here I have shown an old lady’s pic but young people or men or just anyone who don’t believe in intuition can be toxic. 
Not believing in certain things can be okay, you cannot expect everyone to be like you. But there are some people who start creating troubles for those who trying to learn about intuition. Or even try to say something totally scary or irrelevant things that may hinder with the belief system that supports the intuition and its abilities. 

Try to stay away from such people. At certain times you’ll find that there are such people in your family itself. In which case it will become totally impossible to avoid the company of those people. At such times just try to keep your intuitive practice talks at bay. Its not going to gain you anything neither the other person is going to get inspired from you. 

10. Connect with people who are also working on their intuition -

Try connecting the like minded souls who are also working on using their intuition or are already a way ahead of you on that path. Having seniors always helps and makes your way easier as you don’t need to re-dig the entire pathway for yourself. 

Whether you connect to someone in your local city or someone on the virtual world(connect through internet) it always helps you to stay motivated. As well as well informed of the ups and downs of it.

11. Stay pure and kind -

Have you heard about an intuitive person who is treacherous, mean and rude? Intuition is a gift and it comes from the Heart Chakra. You Heart chakra is where God resides, to stir up those intuitive muscles you have to reach the needs of heart chakra. Being pure and unconditional in giving makes your heart chakra more powerful. Ofcourse you need to think about yourself too, as being totally selfless isn’t always going to help you. But holding on grudges, being unforgiving, and having a revengeful attitude are all animal instincts that are not acceptable to a human to have.

The more clearer your mind and soul is the more the spiritual world will try to connect to you. Spiritual world consists of pure divine energy. And it gets attracted to energy like that. When you stay more and more pure at heart and in your deeds you are going to attract more and more higher level divine energy to connect to you. And the more divine energy connects to you, the more powerful your intuition will be.

12. Jot it down -

Trying to sharpen your intuition is going to flood your mind with intuitive insights. And remembering that crazy amount of data can be overwhelming. So keeping a journal of your insights or intuitive signs/messages can be helpful. Not just helpful but it can be life saving in many cases.

Intuition gives out signs and signals that can guide you for next week month and even years. And so you cannot actually know when a particular sign or message is going to help you. So jotting them down is going to help you to refer to it later when you feel something is resonating with you. 

13. Connect to nature & animals -

Connecting with Nature and animals is very powerful way to enliven your intuition. You are what nature has made you. Animals never try to be something else then what they are. So nature always keeps them close to the heart. But humans try to be something else. Try to run the rat race, be greater then other humans in intelligence, power and skills. Whereas we all are the same. And have equal abilities to do anything in this world. 

Connecting to nature will help you to reconnect to your lost intuitive ability. Not just going and sitting below a tree with your cellphone or ipad. But go into nature and be a part of it. Enjoy the cool breeze, watch the ants crawling and collecting food, watch the birds building their nests etc. All this is just simple but helps you to learn to BE what you are. Rather then trying to run after becoming something that you are not.

How to figure out something that's not coming from your intuition?

Confusions and doubts cloud your instincts. As when you start working on your intuition your intuition will flood you with signs, hunches, flashes of all sorts from all directions in all possible ways. And overwhelming it may seem to follow it. 
But more tricky situation will come to you when you’ll be faced by something that may seem too dominating and too perfect and too loud that you feel you need to follow it. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow it. Only to know that once you follow that sign you’re just going to lead into a mess. Scary, and fearful messages. Life threatening messages, or messages that might put you in danger. Or anything else related to you in danger are all NOT signs from your intuition. Signs that come to you when mind is too chattery/ confused/ fearful, signs that make you feel horrible when you try to follow them. Are all that need to be avoided. 

Also dreams, intuitive signs and messages might be tricky to understand. And sometimes may mean nothing at all. Even though you might feel they are trying to send you some message. Still certain messages may not mean anything, they are just sent to you to pacify you for the moment. They are called venting messages. They just come to you to vent out a certain emotional or mental blockage. 

Signs that you are listening to something different then your intuition.

Listening to signs that come from the ego is going to lead you to such disasters. Signs from the ego would be more louder and scarier then the signs from the intuition that comes to you when your mind is calm. Ego can chatter even when mind is at a disco. Signs from the ego can be negative, scary and threatening. It might at times give you life endangering signs. That can ask you to end your life, or that nothing is left for you now. And that dying is the only option. 
People committing suicide, are the innocent one’s falling a prey to the voice of ego. So be very watchful for that loud voice, that might seem very convincing and reliable. It might not always ask you to end your life, but it can ask you to do several other disastrous things in your life/ health/ career/ relationships that will just ruin that area of life.

I have a guide on how to differentiate voice of ego, which you can download here.

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That's all from me for now, will be back with more great Tarot related stuff next week. Let me know in your comments how you liked this post, share your feedback/ suggestions, or if you have any additional questions on this post please drop in few lines below. I love to read all comments, and make a point to reply to all the one's that need attention. 

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