Tuesday, 3 May 2016

10 assets you need to be a Great Tarot Reader

Being a great Tarot Reader or maybe an outstanding Tarot Reader is what you want to become if you are trying to learn Tarot. Whether you have already learnt Tarot or you are learning Tarot your one dream after learning it would be that people just become your crazy fans of your predictions.
You just pull out a card and then magically you start speaking words that might be the best piece of advice your clients might have heard. 
Digging deeper into the process that happens when a Tarot Reader begins reading is broken down into 10 points. There were more, but these 10 are the most important ones. Let's see what they are..

1) Be a good Listener

Tarot Card Reader is more of a listener, agony aunt, advisor then just some predictor. You need to have a sharp of listening sense. Not just listening to the words they say, but also try to understand the meanings of in-between the words' silence. There are going to be client's who are totally devastated, some might have done terrible karmas, selfishness, meanness, revengeful attitude, envy etc. And when they actually realize that's when they want to improve themselves. So they might end up at your place. Or maybe they might end at your place only to know whether they are gonna get punished by creating those karmas or not.
This or something else, the possibilities are endless. Chances that people feeling bad ending up in your office would be 99.99% and reasons might be just about anything. As all people don’t have the same problems. Yet everyone has to go through problems to grow. Listen to them. Listen in between their words. Listen to their feelings & emotions while they are saying those words. At times people say something and mean something else. To be a good listener involves listening to the exact message that the speaker wants to convey.
[ For your safety make sure you don't allow people with criminal background, into your office]

2) Don't discriminate - 

Discrimination bewteen gender's, color, race, religion, culture, ethnicity or any damn thing should'nt be in the office of a Psychic. Psychic's are people believed to be possessing special powers, or maybe even said to be close to the divine. Or maybe clients might come with sort of repulsiveness for you. Its not for you, its for feeling less and considering other human more, at alarming time. Not to take that personally, they might just be remorseful about something about their life/ themselves.
So when people of any specific group other then your's, come to you. They actually have overcome that boundary within their own minds. They trust you fully or have faith in you, even before you give them any readings. Yes that's true. A person has to have a little amount of faith or trust in you before they step into your office or buy from you. So discriminating them would shatter them totally. Not just for their problems in life, but approaching a psychic consultant at all.
So stay non-discriminative for everyone who lands up in your office. Yes if at all you are not comfy with a certain type of people which might be criminals or somebody who has committed terrible sin's. Or maybe somebody who goes against your ethics or personal values. Then you can include that in your T & C. Which might stop them totally before they enter into your office.

3) Be a good Human (you'll automatically be a good Tarot Reader, someday)

Being a good human is very important when you are a Tarot Reader. Its actually a must for every profession. But as we're talking about Tarot Reader's here let me tell you why its a must.
People from all ages, and all sort of problems will come to you. From broken families, to people with relationship problems, people who are jobless, to the one's who are most depressed will be coming to your doorstep.
After all when you are happy and satisfied with your life, do you see a fortune teller at that time? Nopes, you'll have better things to do when good times are here. Fortune seers are approached with the most hesitating minds, who are helpless people. When they feel there's no way out and they feel only an expert will be able to guide them.
When you are a good human, you will be helping your clients to get support and comfort that they are not getting in their lives. You will become a good tarot reader with experience as you keep reading for people along with all the points discussed here. And people will keep pouring in when you are a good human!

4) Listen to your heart (rather then your logical mind or ego)

Listening to your heart is very important. Your heart chakra is the one that connects you to your intuition. If you keep listening to your logical mind. You'll be missing important clues from your intuitive side.
So many times I hear people say that didn't listen to their intuition and that's what led to a tarot reading going wrong and then later on when they got feedback that "something like this happened", BAM "that was what was coming to my mind" was what they felt.
Listening to your heart will save you so much drama being a Tarot reader. I would really want that you learn listening to your heart and not your monkey mind. So I have written a detailed guide how to do that. Here's where you can find it...

5) Focus on Internal & External signs, that you get during the reading -

Focus on signs that you get internally and externally during a reading. You might be making it so hard for yourself to just memorize the meanings of the cards. But mugging up the meanings of the cards isn't going to help you. Atleast it doesn't assure that you are gonna give accurate and reliable readings.
Your intuition gives you signs that are internal as well as external. So following your intuitive signs involves paying attention to what your internal and external signs say. If you just close your eyes to these signs trying hard to remember what the 5th card of Major arcana says. Then you are going to create a huge mess with your cards. And that's a sure shot way to not give a good reading.
To check more on how to listen to your intuition, check this.
To check Tarot Card meanings, check here.

6) Present the reading in a positive & uplifting way
A tarot reader who gives depressive and demotivating reading is a DISASTER. Yes you read it correctly. People who come to a psychic are the one's who already have a lot of it, what?? "depression and demotivation" you don't need to add something to it. OKAY!
Positive thinking is not the task only for motivators or life coaches. Every person into spiritual business also need to be motivating. For many reasons. First of all for giving people a positive reason to survive even though nothing around them seems to fall into right place. Then for yourself too. If you hold the negative ideas of giving advice. You're gonna get drained soon. If you give depressive idea to one client, that person had it only from one person. But remember you might have 4-5 clients in a day and if you stick to that stereotypic mode for hours you are going to get into depresion sooner then your clients.
For how long do you want your Tarot as profession to last for? If you are going to burn out every few days. You'll need to shut down your shop and start selling your tarot decks! sigh...
And the last important thing. If you are positive you'll actually give people a ray of hope. When they believe they'll get something out of staying positive that's where miracles start happening. And when you believes in something then you are going to achieve it. And they'll believe that that miracle happened due to your advice. Which will make them come to you all the more. The recipe to get Loyal Clients!! :)
[Ofcourse you're not gonna practice this just to get that mindset into people, that you can create miracles. They would get impressed initially, but when they don't see magic happening soon your charm is gonna fade away.]

7) Speak the truth (Worst thing you can give your clients is a false, made-up reading)
Having client's that are potantially feeling vulnerable, just a whiff of negative air might breakdown, and get into depression for a period of time. You might at times feel tongue tied when you see that what's coming up for them is something that's worst or a worse time. Or perhaps bad time that's gonna continue for a little more time.
Remember your Dharma(duty) as a Tarot Reader. You are 1st a person who gives people dependable predictions & advice. After that you are a supporter, motivator, and comforter.
Giving a false tarot reading just to make your clients feel good and relaxed is going to make them feel good for that moment. But when that doesn't turn out true, you're gonna loose a client. Though you were a good human being, you didn't be a good tarot reader and that's where you lost it.

8) Don't be a salesy professional


I know with as every profession you too have to earn being a Tarot Reader. But there's a difference between a money hungry Tarot Reader, and a tarot reader who wants to earn money by making a difference in lives of people. I understand money is important necessity. But don't make it your only purpose for doing Tarot.
Running after money being a Tarot professional will make you appear like "The fool" and behave also like a Fool. No wonder why Fool is the first card of Tarot pack :P
Not doing Tarot for money is an option, that everybody cannot take. Some tarot readers choose it as their only means of earning. And so you cannot do it for free that's totally okay. Yet there's a hairline difference between being salesy and being helpful. Watchout for that.

9) Pray for your clients (even the one's who are are careless, and bad)

As you are going to face clients with problems that might be huge and terrifying. Being just somebody who does predictions isn't going to work. As clients share their problems, tensions and stresses with you. Its very much likely that you'll feel down and helpless at times. Because you too now know their reasons of "stress."
But when you know their problems, though you cannot help them literally. You can always help them spiritually. Just Pray for them. Ask God to help them in a way that's good for them.
Never underestimate the power of praying. I'd once prayed for a couple needing money badly. And after they left my office they found someone who offered them $15000 right away. That amount didn't solve all of their problems all at once. But atleast their problems could be handled temporarily.
Also be aware not to share such extraordinary experiences with your clients, as they might take you to be some super powered being. When you pray its going to work. But we cannot guarantee in what way the prayer will be responded.

10) Be ready to embrace clients unconditionally

People from all walks of life, who have done all sorts of good and bad things, talking in any sort of accent or any tone might come to you. While clearly stating you own a right to be respected, is a must for your self respect. You also need to be aware that there are different ways and different words that are acceptable by people. And not all accept the same set of words as acceptable and same words as unacceptable. So what's disrespectful for you, might be totally ok language by some other people.
I once had a client who used to talk foul words as a daily part of his life. So it was very difficult for him to converse, if he wanted to talk to someone who was easily hurt by a single foul word that was  spoken out. He has issues about it.
So be watchful, as I said earlier learn to be a good listener. Listening in between words is important. People can insult without speaking a single foul word, and some people can say a whole bunch of bad words yet you might feel the warmth of being around them.
And yes one more thing. To choose to speak only in good words is your choice. If somebody else chooses to talk cuss words, you don't have to choose them.

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That's all from me for now, I will be back next week with a lot more interesting stuff. Got some suggestions or questions about Learning Tarot please share in comments below. I read all my comments and reply to all.
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  1. Thank you so much, due to health reasons i can no longer work as a nurse so i am going to start reading tarot and oracle cards for a living. I have read cards for 5 years but only for close family. I found your ebook very helpful and give me some great advice. thanks so much. Blessings

    1. Welcome, Im glad that you found the guide helpful. Theres more to come on this blog. Stay tuned. :)