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Top 5 Best Tarot Resources

When it comes to learning anything you know that you have to start with the best resources. As when you have best resources you know that they are trustworthy and giving you the right knowledge and information. My journey with Tarot began searching for best resources on Tarot, but it doesn't have to be the same for you. I am giving away you this list of best resources that will help you in your tarot journey. Top 5 Best Free Online Tarot Card Meanings Websites - 1. Learn Tarot site by Joan Bunning - This website Joan created when she began learning Tarot. And the site is so detailed in the meanings that you can begin your Tarot learning journey based on that site itself. 2. James Wells - James Wells is a Toronto based Tarot Reader. Circle way practitioner and Komyo Reiki teacher. He is the author of Tarot for Manifestation, Tarot Circle Encounters, and Goal-Mapping with the Tarot. Through one-to-one consultations and group experiences (workshops, classes, retreats,

Is Tarot bad?

Is Tarot Evil? Many times I get this question. When I wanted to learn Tarot, at that time this question haunted my mind too. And it took me rather long to decide whether I should learn it or not. But as I tried and tested both the options of tarot being good and bad. I think I can share with you this topic. Tarot is actually not bad. Its just a tool like every other tool you use to achieve a certain outcome. You can use Tarot to get answers, make predictions and get directions. These are basic things that you  think tarot can help you with. Tarot has many more uses. Tarot is bad is a myth - Tarot has been linked to many bad names, and its not because its bad itself. Tarot has been quite mysterious. And its time of invention hasn't been sure, which makes it all the more mysterious about its origin. Tarot has been taken lightly as well as very deep as a subject. And both ways it has been able to handle the expectations. Is Tarot related to Witchcraft or Black magic.

13 ways to increase your Intuitive skills

What's Intuition ?  Its the ability to understand something, some people or some event prior to its occurrence without any conscious reasoning is because of your intuition. Intuition is the ability thats given to all animals and humans. Though humans lose it because they don't use it or are not taught how to use it. Intuition can though be used and polished to make it more and more powerful. How intuition works? Intuition works through your five senses. Though we call it sixth sense, it still helps you through your five senses. And though it uses the five senses to guide you, its intelligence is way beyond the five senses. Intuition gives you signs through the five senses. Through one or more of the senses to which you are extra sensitive. If you are very sharp with their visual sense, intuition will guide you through visuals. If you are sharp with listening then intuition will guide you through audio signals. If you have more then one sense powerful then you will get

10 assets you need to be a Great Tarot Reader

Being a great Tarot Reader or maybe an outstanding Tarot Reader is what you want to become if you are trying to learn Tarot. Whether you have already learnt Tarot or you are learning Tarot your one dream after learning it would be that people just become your crazy fans of your predictions. You just pull out a card and then magically you start speaking words that might be the best piece of advice your clients might have heard.  Digging deeper into the process that happens when a Tarot Reader begins reading is broken down into 10 points. There were more, but these 10 are the most important ones. Let's see what they are.. 1) Be a good Listener Tarot Card Reader is more of a listener, agony aunt, advisor then just some predictor. You need to have a sharp of listening sense. Not just listening to the words they say, but also try to understand the meanings of in-between the words' silence. There are going to be client's who are totally devastated, some might have done