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Tools you require to learn Tarot

There are several things you need while beginning your journey with Tarot. Tarot Reading is an art, passion and maybe also an obsession. You are likely to be reading this page, if you want to know what are the basic requirements that you need to have while you are learning Tarot.
In Christianity Tarot is banned or future telling methods are banned, you can check details about Christianity here. The reason is just that simple that future Predictions just bind people to a certain destiny, which might happen. That steals away the beauty of living life as it comes. Tarot being used for Future Telling is just a gimmick, it is the tool used for guidance and taking life control in your hands. So you can fearlessly use it.

So here are a few things that you need to learn before getting into tarot :-

Physical Requirements - 
Physical resources that you need to have inorder to begin learning Tarot. They're easy to get..

The but obvious a Tarot Deck - Tarot Deck is really important for beginning Tarot reading. If you don't have a tarot deck, then you cannot learn tarot reading though any amount of tarot books you might have memorized.
Tarot Decks are available in a wide amount of range, the most common theme of Tarot cards is the Rider waite Tarot deck. This deck was conceptualized in around 1900's century and is widely used for tarot reading.
If you want to learn tarot then there are several artists who have taken down this rider waite deck as the common theme for their decks as well. But with a much different and interesting artistry. You can check the rider waite decks here on this site. Its considered as the directory for the Tarot decks. Go here Aeclectic.

A few great books -
Books as I say aren't necessary for learning Tarot Reading. But as a beginner in any new science, you will be totally lost when you see your cards. And may find it difficult to what to make out of your cards. And so its necessary to have a few good books.
To have good books is necessary. I do recommend looking at my book which is available at amazon worldwide. Its not just mu book that I recommend, you can also check out Tarot books by Rachael Pollack, Barbara Moore etc good authors.

A regularly kept Tarot Notebook/ Journal -

Its an overrated tip that you might hear once you start scraping tarot related info. Tarot books, Tarot site and blogs all don't tire while explaining this fact that keeping a Tarot related journal is so important.
Tarot journalling is not a hard and fast book note keeping like you did in school. But this is sort of a spiritual treat where you actually note down all your insights you get from a particular card/ reading or thereafter. This can be totally done with ease. And personified in a way that you feel fits your style.

Box to store -
Well this 'was' considered as an important thing to possess to store your cards safely from all surrounding energies loitering across. A wooden box without any metal used to build it can be a good store for your box. As it will not allow any stray energies to get into your deck. Ths preserving your deck from disturbance. And thus staying more unique.
But as for now carrying a wooden box everywhere can be bulky. And also a wooden box without metal can be difficult to find. You may use a plastic box instead. Or can totally go with the box that your cards came in. As many tarot decks now come with a sturdy box.

Cloth to lay your cards + wrap them -

Traditionally Tarot cards are wrapped with a black or a purple silk or velvet cloth. Its believed that this color can help banish negative energy or keep negative vibes away. While keeping your deck safe and full of positive energy.
So you can get a length of cloth that you can use to wrap as well as lay out your cards.
Though this is the general history. I usually advice to go with any color that's your favorite. I feel that color helps to bring out the best in you. And so go for the colored cloth you like as ur favorite.

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What you need to have inside you?
Tarot Reading also has some requirements that you need to have from within. Like a man can be given just all great spices and tools for cooking, yet he cannot be a good cook. Until he has that fire to cook great food, from within. In the same way you too need some internal pre-requisites to help you learn tarot.

Let's see what they are - 

Ughhh... well seriously, not this passion!! :P

What to say about this one reuirment, its soo much in itself. That you just cannot be a good tarot reader, if you are not passionate about Tarot. You should love tarot totally and be a fan of it. Though people around you believe in it or not. Not a creature on this planet can make your love for Tarot less. That's where you can consider you are passionate about Tarot.

Desire to make life better 
The desire to help people is also a must. If you don't have that desire, then too if you wanna learn Tarot. Then it might be for personal reasons that you might be wanting to learn. That too is fine.
The desire to make your life better, improve your life. Maybe also not depend on other fortune seers, who might just bind you into a prophecy and then make you believe it as your destiny. Especially when its not good and difficult to accept.
I'd came across few fortune teller's who were sort of disappointing when they gave predictions. Insulting and interfering in my personal space while they were asked for my future. This somehow made me start hating fortune teller's. Yet the urge to know what's coming up in future was always there, so I began learning Tarot & Astrology.

Confidence that you want to do Tarot readings. If not for other's then just for your family & friends too. But the confidence that you'll be able to help them all, if you learn properly; should be there.
Im not talking of over-confidence. Im just talking about the confidence/ daring to be different and learning a mode of future seeing for self and other's is also a huge step.

Compassion/ Wisdom

Compassion is very very necessary if you want to learn a fortune seeing modality like Tarot, Astrology or anything else. As you're gonna have several people in your client base whose life totally sucks, they might be in a depressive or sucidial phase and their last hope lies on the words you utter from your mouth. So being compassionate, sympathetic and motivating is really important.
You just don't want to be a Tarot reader whose readings are accurate. You want to be a valuable human being, who gives advie that helps change people's lives through Tarot.
Wisdom is as important as compassion. Wisdom to help make people understand and accept their problems, and then giving them wise solutions to help them transform their lives by themselves. You are not going to go door to door cleaning service for lives of people. You have to be inspiring and influential in your talk enough that people just get fired up and enthusiastic to take action steps to help transform their life.

What are the Myths related to learning Tarot?

Now when Tarot Reading is totally thrilling and exciting journey, there's also few myths that are associated with Tarot that might make you stop and keep delaying learning Tarot just because you don't want repercussions after you make it a part of your life.
So inorder to just wipe away those stubborn myths from your mind or in general that you might think some day. I would love to cut them in the root itself. Lets see that they can be...

You need to be intuitive inorder to do tarot readings
This is huge, I am asked a zillion times. Sometimes people who talk to me especially to learn Tarot even feel humiliated just because they feel that they don't have those special powers inside them. and maybe Im just encouraging because I just want one more paying client. Phew!!
All humans and animals are born with an inbuilt sense of intuition that guides them in their life prior to when event occurs. Human's have made their lifestyle such that there's no polishing or learning how to use intuitive abilities during their upbringing.
Whilst animals have only that. They are not gifted with a sharp and thinkable brain like you and me. So they don't undo their intuitive abilities. If at all you feel that you have been totally disconnected with your intuition then too its not late. You can always re-polish that and start using it now.

I will be discussing in my free Tarot videos how to use it, you can sign up below if you want to learn how to do that.

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Tarot is dark and related to witchcraft or sorcery, its better to stay away
Tarot isn't associated with any dark magic or crafts. Yet people who choose those methods might also be seen using Tarot as a tool(for God knows what, eww) But that has nothing to do with Tarot's innocence. Tarot is pure and divine. It was actually built based on christianity religion and then later on all religious symbols were removed to make it more universally acceptable.
So nothing's wrong in using Tarot.

Tarot might bring spirits into your life if you ise it.
Tarot doesn't invoke any spirits. Again I must add that people who connect with spirits or spirit guides might use tarot as a tool to help them. But nevertheless Tarot is still pure and acceptable by normal people like you can me.
Tarot actually can help you change your life, and lives of others with the help of positive and uplifting answers and directions that it gives.

That's all for today, I will be sharing more intersting stuff in upcoming days. Till then make sure you have your Tarot deck, cloth and other reqquirements as listed above sorted out. If you need my help with anything then please leave your comments below. I read all comments, and reply to most that need attention. So stay assured I'll read em for sure.

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