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Yearly Angel Reading for 2016

Angel Reading for the Year 2016 -
Hello guys, here I am with the Angel card Predictions. I know that you are expecting that from me. And so I am giving it :)
I have done this reading using different angel decks specializing in the area that is given. Health Area will be predicted using Angel Therapy Tarot by Doreen Virtue, Relationship area will be predicted using Romance Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue, Career will be done using the Life Purpose Oracle by Doreen Virtue, Money will be done using the Messages from Fairy Oracle by Doreen Virtue, and overall reading will be done using the Messages from Angels Deck by Doreen Virtue.
These predictions are 99% accurate. Also please note that if you find a part of prediction not appealing, then you can always think and act differently in that area to get different results. If you have any further guidance in sync with this reading then you can get a personal email reading for $27 USD for every additional question.
Angel Reading is more of what actions you need to take, rather then just predictions. Angels rather then predicting, guide you to do something. And when you do that, your path gets better and more comfortable.
For Ram's (Mar 21st - Apr 20th) –

Health-wise - Health-wise you are going to see a good phase when you connect to mother earth and nature. Your health and body fitness level will boost when you are in natural environments.
Try to be as natural and eco-friendly as possible with yourself and you will enjoy the best levels of health that you’ve ever had experienced in your life.
Relationship wise - This is the year to make your relationship grow. There are happy times in a relationship and then there are growing times. When people actually have to work on their relationship to make it grow stronger, they actually mis-interpret it and take it as problems in their relationship.
So make the most of this year to take your relationship to the next level. When you work for something for sometime you reap its benefits for lifetime. And so give your best shot at your relationships this year.
Career Wise - This year is going to help you in your career. Your career includes doing something where you connect with your intuition and then help the beings on this planet. The intuitive guidance can be of any kind but yes you will be able to use it to help improve the life of others. And that is what a real & satisfying career is.
You might want to learn how to develop your intuitive muscles to help guide you in your career. Also this year might bring you new learning opportunities, you might learn a new skill as an addition to your present career skills.
Money-wise - Money wise this year is like a silver lining. I must not say that you’ve had a dark cloud. But still the silver lining will prove that what you had till now might be a bit dark. The cards say that stand still and stay positive. Your money issues are going to get resolved here. Saying this doesn't mean that you’ll have a windfall or win some lotto. But when money issues get solved they actually release a lot of stress and concerns related to money.
Problems with money are not as big as you see them. This year will help you to release the big ‘problem’ inside you that you have related to money. Don’t quit, stay there and you’ll see a miracle occur.
Overall - This card is for marriage, or for relationships that are going to result in marriage in future. Your marriage might appear at stake and might feel a disaster. But the marriage angel Daniel is here already to help you with it.
Stay positive and optimistic related to your marriage. After these problems with marriage are here to bring the balance and harmony. Daniel helps to maintain relationships that are really worth for this planet. If you and your partner have to strength to keep your ‘love’ alive. Then you are going to pass this test and have good marks.

For The Bull ( Apr 21st - May 21st) –

Health-wise – Every year as we live there are new challenges for us, as we learn to grow and evolve from them. And so the challenge this year is for you to forgive. Forgiveness is a crucial virtue that every human needs to cultivate. Everybody comes across situations and people who try to hurt or harm in a certain way. But its not always done with that intention. People always try to give their best, or do what they think is best for you. And so you need to forgive what you cannot accept or didn’t feel good about.
Relationship wise – This year you are bestowed by childlike innocence in your relationships. If not, then you should try to cultivate the habit of letting your inner child play for a while.
Most of the problems in relationships arise from that dissatisfied inner child, and then the child being stubborn and cranky. Try to let your inner child play, laugh, dance and hop around. Doing this daily helps you to release stress as well as connect to your heart.
Career Wise – This year your career will be rewarding if you add the skills of music to heal and spread happiness to people. Also try adding nutrition and food to heal people as another option to your career. And another option is also to add healing work to your career.
These are few things that will make you feel “you are serving, and being helpful” and so must try to add these modalities to your career. You can also do these on side as a free service. Needn’t change your entire career. Also for those who are trying to find a career, then surely consider this option.
Money-wise – This year as you realize that you are powerful, and you have the power to make money inside you. You are going to benefit from it. Money isn’t difficult to earn, the thought that “its difficult” makes it all difficult.
Also its safe to have a lot of money. Forget the scary stories that you might have heard about rich people in danger. Money isn’t bad. Yes bad deeds of rich people put them in danger. Angels are already helping you with this. Though you may not see results ye. But under the covers angels are all at work to help you accept ‘money’ and help you with accepting abundance.
Overall – Overall this year is about believing in yourself and thinking positive about yourself and your work. You need to believe in whatever you do. And it will become true. Negative thinking will block your progress. And so make a point that you think positive. Make an effort that you sleep and wake up with positive thoughts.
“All is well in world, and I am happy” affirmations like this at bedtime will help.
For the Twins ( May 22nd - Jun 21st) –

Health-wise - Health wise the Angels say that what you enjoyed before, is not changing. As you energy levels are changing, and so will change your taste, moods and emotions. So let this change happen gracefully. Your animal spirit guide is helping you with this situation.
Be aware that a change is coming your way this year. If that’s not a visible huge change in your outer environment, then it surely must  be a huge shift within you. You will feel it happen. And so be prepared for it.
Relationship wise -
You will totally feel disconnected to this world. This might affect your relationship too. But when you feel unattached to the world and its drama then you can surely utilize this time to give it to your loved ones. Your loved ones want ‘you’ and nothing else.
Give ample time to your partner and discuss your goods and bads. Its not time to argue or prove whether you are wrong or right. Your partner is someone who is going to stay with you your entire life. And so this time would be best to get close to them. And discuss what you like about life and expect from it. Life and its plans when discussed together will help both of you get more comfy with each other.
Career Wise -
This card says you have a book inside you that needs to be expressed. Also this card also means that you can start writing a diary. Writing about your emotions and feelings often helps as a therapeutic. You release stress and tensions while doing so. Also writing might be different. Some of you might be expressing yourself as in poems or some writing stories or some philosophy. So just write whatever way you feels is the best to do so.
Money-wise -
This card is of a healer card. Means you heal through money. Wow, what does that mean? You bring healing to this world by giving them what they need. By spending your money on them. This card says keep up the good work.
Also at the same time be careful that you bring ‘healing’ try not to overly indulge into this pleasure or make people dependent on you for this pleasure. That would surely not be a healing. And will start hurting you if you are not being careful with your finances.
Overall -
This card says that it is safe to be powerful. And you are safe while being powerful. You as well as other s are safe. So try to be comfy in your shoes. Your life is worthy and meaningful but first you have to accept that fact. Things begin to change after that. If not change you can consider that they get better after you accept yourself & your life.
Accept your life and be at peace with whatever situation you are in at the moment in this year. And things will start to improve from there.

For the Crab (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) –

Health-wise - This year you need to be super careful about what you ‘speak’ whatever you speak will manifest and so you need to be careful and speak only the things that you really want to make happen in your life.
Also note that speaking ill of others doesn't affect them, it will affect you only. And so don't take the above writing to apply for others’ life as well. It applies to you only. Also if you are having problems, then ask angels to clear and delete all effects of past negative thinking. Bless others and think good about yourself. This will help you to ease your life this year.
Relationship wise - This year your love life will be influenced by your religious beliefs and your spiritual path. What does that mean? This simply means what you have been believing till now as your religion. Will start taking effect. Not the actual religion that you follow, but your perception of religion that you feel is true is going to help you make your relationships better.
Life starts to have meaning and gets better once you find your real meaning of being on this planet.
Career Wise -
This year the angels have to tell you that you need to trust your inner guidance for your career. There might be a number of things that might test your limits. And so you need to stay aware and open to what your intuition has to say. Take steps according to your intuitive messages and go ahead. If something doesnt actually feel right, then dont do it. Even though people around you might force you to do it. Still dont do it. Do it only when there’s a 100% yes from within.
Money-wise -
Money wise this year is here to teach you the law of relationships. Relationships are here for give and take. And when you give selflessly then you are surely going to receive what other’s are giving away selflessly. And so this year you are supposed to receive. And not just give.
Universe works on balance and there is a balance when there is equal on both sides. So if you have been giving only till now. Then you need to start receiving.
Overall -
Overall this card here says that this year you are going to get your spiritual teacher. The teacher that’s going to guide you to know yourself. You might be finding for this teacher, or you might totally be unaware of what a spiritual teacher is. But your teacher will still  appear. For the unaware firstly the teacher will appear in form that not too spiritual but will teach you little lessons. And then the teacher with greater lessons would appear.

For the Lion(Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) –

Health-wise - Health wise this year says that relationships and friendships might make you sensitive. And so you must be very careful about whom you talk to and whom you hang out with. Don’t go out with people with whom you don't feel comfy.
At the same time try to be more open to people’s views. You might get hurt or overly-sensitive with other people’s opinions. 
Relationship wise -
This card says that this year you need to spare some time for your relationships. For the people who are special to you, you need to give them time. You need to give them love. Express your emotions for them and tell them how you are thankful for them.
Also make sure that you indulge into relationships that are of value to you, and you really feel like “giving” them, when you do so. The relationships that don't matter to you, don't matter to give time to them.
Career Wise -
There shows changes in your career this year. This year might bring a slight shift or a 90 degree turn.  But yes there is a change coming. And just before you get too terrified by this, know that your angels have already started working upon it. How to make it easiest for you, so that you get the least worried by it.
Also know that you are receiving guidance and intuitive messages that will help you to take better decisions for your career. So know that you are well informed. Trust your inner voice and work accordingly.
Money-wise -
This card shows that “you have been working hard” means that this year already shows that you will be working hard for your money making and that you have to remember that you need to rest as well.
Take rest regularly. As money earning is always going to go on, and in all that rush you always need to take care of yourself. As a healthy you, means that the flow of money would stay steady in your home.
Overall -
This year its time to take care of yourself. You have been very much caring and loving that you took care of everybody's needs. Now this year you need to take care of yourself.
Love yourself and pamper yourself. It always feel good when you pamper yourself. Also you may laze around for sometime daily. Things really change, and life gets stress-free when you just ‘let-go’ and stop doing. And start being.

For the Virgin (Aug 24th - Sep 23rd) –

Health-wise – Health wise this year the Angels say that it is safe for you to take control of your power. I mean you can totally take control over your body power. Your body has healed and will heal more when you start taking control of it. Body is connected to your mind & soul and so being confident and believing in yourself and taking control over your body also works as a healing for your body.
Relationship wise –
Angels say that this year you can expect your Relationships to get more deeper. When you reveal your innermost feelings, and truth people always love that. Reveal your true feeling to your loved ones, even though those feelings may not be too warm. But tell people you love what you truly feel. Loved ones are not just supposed to be there during times when you feel good. But they can always be there when you feel not so good.
Career Wise –
Angel’s say that at workplace you are a kind of healer. You heal with words, right actions at right moment, and advice. Also listening to people with a keen ear is an art that you have mastered.
Be wise, be kind and be loving at your workplace. Yes you might see people getting immature and making mistakes. But pointing out towards mistakes when done in loving and respectful way always makes the advice work. Try to be as gentle and as affectionate as possible with your juniors at workplace.
Money-wise –
Money wise whatever has gone is gone. You need to wipe the mirror now. And let fresh energy for money come in. Shake off all the fears and insecurities you had for money in past years.
Abundance is coming to you. It may take time for it to show up, maybe abundance might not appear till april or first week of may. Then onwards you might feel abundance. Increase in money, happiness and all good things you like will be in abundance. After all that’s real abundance.
Overall –
Overall this year you need to shine your light through and glow the world with your charm. God has given you angelic qualities, in other words you are a light worker( if you feel something is extraordinary about you). If this is the case then you need to shine your divine light and love on those who need it the most.
Also if you feel that this love and light needs to be showered upon the whole planet and its inhabitants. You always know the right proportion to share. As you are a light worker and can beam your light in desired intensities.

For the Scales (Sep 24th - Oct 23rd) –

Health-wise – Your body is highly sensitive towards additives, chemicals, processessed foods, pesticides, and energies this year. You need to be careful about that and avoid intaking these. Your sacral chakra seems avtive or rather I can say over-active this year. But if something is not good, then there’s something that’s going to be good.
Your Sacral chakra is over-active so that will make you more stronger when you consume natural foods. Natural foods without chemicals or additives and fresh are high on energy levels. And energy gained from fresh foods is always more rejuvenating then eating food that has been stored for a while.
Relationship wise –
This card shows that you have suffered in your relationship which has made you repulsive right now about relationships. But with time people change and so can change your partner. Distances and break-ups sometimes make people realize your worth and make them start valuing you. 
Give your relationship a chance says the Angels. Let that person from past try to enter into your life again. If you are not comfy with a full-fledged relationship then you can always be ‘just friends’ and explore your partner whether they have improved or not. There are chances that you might actually find a change in that person and want to be with them again.

Career Wise –
Angels say that you are a healer and are here to heal this world. Your work this year is here to bring a healing and a revolution.
Also not just healing others by your work, your work actually brings out the angelic-ness in you. You just need to open up fully and be yourself.
Money-wise –
This year money seems to come to you, when you are ready to remove clutter from your world. Life is always abundant and flowing. But when you block your house and worlplace with clutter. Clutter is the unwanted and useless garbage that lies in your house or office. This clutter will then attract the similar kind of energy. To bring more of good things that you want in your life. You need to first get rid of things that are of no use to you.
Overall -
Your angels say that this year they will be standing close to you and listening to your thoughts and prayers. As soon as you’ll pray they are going to start making way for you. All you need to do is to follow what your heart tells you.
To know how to differentiate your voice of ego from your voice of heart, go here.
Your angels will be communicating to you through your dreams, thoughts and visions. So keep a close watch on them. Note down important points if you feel you’ll need them in future.

For the Scorpions (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) –

Health-wise – Health-wise this year the Angels have to say that they are assisting you to maintain your health through messages. Listen to messages that are coming to you from nowhere. And make sure that you follow these messages. Angelic messages are positive and uplifting.
Also as soon as you might pray for something, you might find the answers for that prayer coming to you. Be aware and conscious about what your mind is thinking about. As angels talk to us through our thoughts and feelings.
Relationship wise –
Your relationships are being watched over by angels. You and your loved might be in sync with actions, words and gifts with you. And so know that angels are helping you and your loved ones this year to make your relationship better.
If you need to give time to your loved one, then try giving them that time. As angels say that they are worth waiting for. Life needs understanding and not every time when you want your loved one’s can be with you. Or agree to be around just when you want. So consider waiting for your loved ones when they cannot be with you.
Career Wise –
This card says you have an ability of naturally healing people. This is about you at your workplace. Your energy whenever you are at your workplace is healing for people.
Also be sure that you are healing people by ‘being’ at your workplace. Though whatever post you might have been assigned. And so your salary even though low doesn’t affect your healing abilities. Just simply doing your job well and being there present day by day is going to help people around you heal.
This healing might be in a way that encourages them to work efficiently. Its will help them to work effectively and sincerely.
Money-wise –
Money is your precious resource. You know yourself what it takes for a considerable amount of cash to flow into your life.
So before spending money, just spend some time alone and ponder over it where you would like to spend it. And rather than focusing on spending, focus more on the question “What you need the most in your life?” and you’ll never go wrong with this.
Also angels say that meditating will help. Meditation helps with balancing the male female polarities in your energy body helping to you be level headed and think & decide better.
Overall –
Time-up angels say that you have to take care of yourself this year. When somebody says “you’ll need to take care this year”, is when you might feel that something bad is going to happen. But Angels are not here to scare. They tell us messages way before something like that might happen. And so to take care of yourself might totally shun that event from happening in future.
So take care of yourself this year. Take rest regularly, eat fresh foods and fruits & veggies. Also make sure you also ‘take-in’ lots of water and sunlight, when its mild. Sun is life-source for us. Our planet is alive because of the sun!

For the Centaur (Nov 23rd - Dec 22nd) –

Health-wise – Health this year is going to bring you new opportunities of healing. And when I say healing it doesn’t mean that you are going to suffer from any disease. But healing means greater and deeper healing of the mind, body and soul.
And this year there is a wonderful opportunity for you to bring these three into sync and good condition. Try to follow a good diet, positive thinking habit as well as meditation into your daily habit. If you weren’t able to do this till now, this year has that energy for helping you to do that. So do it now.
Your angels are going to help you push your limits and help you develop healthy habits to bring your health to a utter satisfactory level.
Relationship wise -
Relationship wise this year it seems a time for love, joy and new relationships. If you are single then there are chances that you will get into a relationship. A relationship that’s fulfilling and thriving. You also might be serious in this.
And if you are already into a relationship then there are chances that you might engage or get married in this year. Time for new relationships to happen, or rekindling of existing relationships. If you are neither getting married or into a relationship then re-unions at marriages and situations alike, you’ll find precious moments to group up with your family and friends whom you cherish.
Career Wise –
This year is your year. Your entire life and your entire being and presence on this planet might seem to clear this year. We all are born to do something great for our planet. That brings around healing for this planet and ease of living for its beings. And when we actually know what’s the real meaning for our lives.
This year you are going to discover the true purpose of your existence. If you already know, this year you are going to go a bit more deeper with it. There may be several revealing factors regarding your career. That you will feel a lot more connected to it than before.
Money-wise –
This year your angels say that you should allow others to give you. You might be giving till now. Or might have developed a habit of only ‘giving’ and so your angels now want you to receive as well.
Universe obeys various laws. And this includes Law of karma. Law of karma doesn’t just apply to negative karmas, it also applies to good ones. So when you have been giving llove and affection to people. You also need to get ready to receive love from others. Receive with love whatever your loved ones want to give you.
Overall -
Overall your angels say that whatever you desire this year, it would happen. But you should not force for it to happen. You just have to trust and believe that when you do something and then leave it to the universe to give you the outcome. Universe always gives you back the result that you’ve given input for.
There are several kinds of results. But when your rhythm and the universes rhythm is in sync, whatever you work upon becomes a success. And so you need to trust this law and leave it to universe for the magic to happen.

For the Goat ( Dec 23rd - Jan 20th) –

Health-wise –
This year’s health chart shows that you might attract negative things for your health. Yes this is also law of attraction at work.
And wearing sea-accessories might help. Like carrying or wearing shells, or pearls might help you. Also wearing fish scales might help with this. As you’ll attract least of the negative things. Your emotions might seem too much on turmoil that they may seem hard to control.
Relationship wise –
This card says ‘yes this is your soulmate’, this year might bring you close to your soulmate. There must be someone around you, to whom you feel automatically attracted. Without knowing each other much. But yet you might feel that you know each other well from ages. This might be your soulmate. And you might get a chance of getting close to them this year.
Yes soulmates can also be husband-wife, brother-sister or any other relationship. Till now you must have felt that soulmates are only couples. But parents and children recurrently born together are also soulmates. You can stay assured that they are your soulmates and rely upon them. Yes don’t push yourself too hard to get into a relationship with them. Sometimes soulmates bring the biggest lessons for each other.
Career Wise –
Career this year might bring you a lot of work, and by lot of work I mean it might also bring a lot of worries. As you might have a lot of work which might be demanding too much attention and hard work.
Instead of getting worried, and being over-weighted by all this, you can always ask the angels to help you. When things are tangible they don’t bring worries or stress. But when you are being offered something that you’ve never done, that brings on worry. So ask your angels to help you with everything that brings worry.
Money-wise –
For money and finances this year the angels are giving you some tips on how to make this area better. As I feel there is something that is coming up this year, that will demand a lot of attention and care. And so the angel’s are already giving you some tips for how to give your best shot at this.
Play music while you are trying to manifest money. Also you can chant, hum or sing. Try to put soothing music at workplace, or just before beginning work. This will help you to calm your mind and manifest money better.
Overall –
Overall this year Archangel Raphael is up here for you and your relationships. He is around and will help you to heal from everything that’s going to bother you, or give you pain.
Angels always want to help us. Sometimes people feel that they will do all the work. But it doesn’t work that way. They can see you, they can help you through you. And not magically do all your chores.
And so this year know that Raphael is here with his healing energy. And he is up here to help you heal your life through different ares of your life. Whenever new issues come to you in your life, ask Raphael to help heal them. And he will give you the best solutions.

For the Water Bearer (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) –

Health-wise –
Health-wise this year you have fairies helping you to make it better. Fairies are nature spirits and will encourage you to cultivate habits that are close to your natural rhythm.
So try to be very good to what you do with your body. Fairies like people who care about themselves and nature. And they also love cleanliness and eco-friendly products. So try to take care about yourself as well as environment around you. Any form of food/ exercising/ well-being that disrupts nature should not be done by you.
Relationship wise –
Thee above cards show that there is marriage for you if you are single till now. If not directly marriage, then the cards might be pointing out a relationship that will happen that will be very much serious for marriage. If your relationship wasn’t much fulfilling then you might find that your relationship may re-kindle feelings.
Career Wise –
Everything that you’ve experienced till now has made your career strong and happening. You are very well trained now by your experiences. And so you know exactly when and where you need to show your skills and when you need to protect your skills from being overly exposed or exhibited.
Go ahead and give your best. This year is not for stopping or waiting to get the right opportunity. “charge” is the word for this year.
Money-wise –
There is someone around you that wants to help you with money. It may be a direct contact of a friend, family member, relative or some other person who knows you. Or it can be someone who knows you through someone. Whoever it is, they will help you with your financial issues. They might directly help you with money, or they might have knowledge to help you ease out your financial problems.
Also help regarding money is happening this year. This can also be a scheme of investment that will be helpful to you. Whatever you feel is right for you, just try to carefully figure out the best and safest way for you and your money.
Overall –
You’re here say that this year they are listening to your prayers and helping you ti listen to answers that they are sending for your prayers. So when you feel you are getting some steps to follow by your angels then follow it. Angels talk to us in soft voices that lovingly fills our heart and with positivity for our minds. So whenever you feel loving after getting a message then know that its from your Angels. Also be sure that Angels will never talk to you in a way that’s frightening or scaring. You will never be given any directions that are harmful for you or your life.

For the Fishes (Feb 20th - Mar 20th) –

Health-wise –
Health wise your angels want to help you with improvement. If you had been traumatized for a long time in past then your angels want to help you instill fresh new hope and inspiration that will help you to improve your health and finally heal yourself. But your angels need your permission with that. Angel’s cannot work upon your life without your permission. And so remember to give ‘permission’ to angels to take over and work upon you, where you are not able to handle things.
Whenever any new challenge arises with your health, then ask your angels to help you work with it. Challenges will arise so as to help bring healing. And so don’t worry if any adverse problem arises with your health. Everything will happen to heal you.
Relationship wise –
This year you’ll feel your relationships going to a new level. Whatever was on a smaller basis will rise to more deeper and serious level this year.
If you were into just a relationship then it will get on serious levels, and if you were already seriously engaged into a relationship then you will experience marriage of you two. Just know that relationships are on a bloom today. They will ascend to next level.
This also includes your relationship with animals & greenery. Its not just for humans. Your love for animals & greens also will grow and make a solid foothold in your life. Let it happen. Allowing all kinds of living beings into your life helps you to keep you in sync with universes energies that will in turn keep your life balanced.

Career Wise –
Career wise this year angels say that your year will be a fulfilling one. Not that you will see great heights and success. But career is where to help ease lives for people around you through your work. And also through being there for people you love. You can surely give that loving support and shoulder to lean on to people you love. This maybe people in family or at work, friends. But listening to them when they need help, talking to them when they need somebody to just discuss things is going to help them heal.
You will be helping a lot of people at work, home and play with just ‘being there’ with them at the time of need.
Money-wise –
Moneywise this year your angels are saying that increase your standards. You needn’t settle down with something small. You have a choice and a particular taste for things and so don’t settle down with things that you don’t like. You can get the best that you wish. Ofcourse that will mean that those things might be more expensive. But angels when advice to hold on your choice, will also give you the best that you want. And will also pass on the abundance that you wish to have in your life.
Overall –
Your angels say that overall you will be engaging more into young humans. I means young children as you are more attached and fond of them.
This year you’ll need to connect to more of younger kids. Working with them is benefiial to you as well as them. You might not be any child specialist. But yet you can just get into care-taking of them. That’s going to bring out the best in you too. Working with children helps heal inner-child within you. And so you’ll be healing a large part of you, while you care for the youngsters.
I have also done a Tarot Yearly Prediction for the year 2016 on my Tarot site. See here to check yours….
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