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Monthly Angel Tarot Reading for October 2015

Monthly Angel Reading for astrological sun-signs 

Hello welcome to monthly Angel Readings, I know you love monthly predictions and like to be updated about hows and why's of your life. So here's it. I have done the reading using the Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue. If you want to check it out or buy it check here>>

For Ram's (Mar 21st - Apr 20th) - Six of Gabriel
This month you will be getting rewards of finishing some project or a job, you can celebrate your wins. And prepare to move into new direction. This new direction can be your next project or your new job. Its just something that's in sync with your heart's feelings.
With whatever you want to do, remember that the angel's are seeing you from above and are showering you with their love blessings and support. 
Lucky number - Six
Lucky Colors - Yellow, golden and orange

For The Bull ( Apr 21st - May 21st) - Six of Raphael
This month you need to know that you will be re-uniting with some old school friend or lover. You might also get into a relationship with someone whom you know since your childhood. Also if this doesn't apply to you, remember you need to accept your 'inner child'. There's a little kid in everyone of us, and when you let that child be, you will be able to grow stronger and more brighter on the outer shell.
Lucky number - 3, 6
Lucky colors - yellow, aqua green

For the Twins ( May 22nd - Jun 21st) - Eight of Raphael
No matter how OKAY, your present may seem. You always know from the inside when its time to move on. You needn't be 'pushed away' inorder to get a sign of transition. When you are able to see the change coming for you, that little feeling to 'walk away' is enough to convince you to make it happen. You might feel scared of leaving what you have, though its not as pleasing as you want it to be. Yet when you are not happy with what you have, when you leave it. You are actually making space for the new and lovelier to enter into your life.
Lucky Number - 8
Lucky Color - Parrot Green, Green

For the Crab (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) - Seven of Michael
The place where you are now, or the place where you are deciding to look forward to may not be the best place for you to go in. You are not clear with what you want and where to go. And so its better to take a pause and then try to decide. Also you can try taking the advice of some expert about what you are deciding to do. Rather then trying to work alone on this. 
Lucky number - seven
Lucky color - bright yellow, sky blue

For the Lion(Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) - King of Raphael
This month's going to be super fun for you. You are going to be a part of celebration or will be enjoying a celebration. It will become that way, wherever you go there'll be a celebration. You carry high vibes and your aura has it. You life holds a lot more and you need to quite a long way. Trust yourself and trust your vibes. Keep yourself on high vibe always, by doing things that elevate your mood. Try to keep away from things that draw down your energy or mood.
Lucky Color - White, Gray
Lucky Number - 2,3

For the Virgin (Aug 24th - Sep 23rd) - Two of Ariel
Does life seem to be tricky? You can balance it now, though whatever the condition it right now. God gives you challenges only how much you can handle. He never overloads anyone. So whatever you have, you have it because you CAN handle it. And though you feel overwhelmed by your problems. You will be doing better when you stop worrying and complaining and START doing/acting. Do one thing at a time, sort out your priorities and take life one chunk at a time.
Lucky Number - 2
Lucky Colors - Blue, easy pink
Lucky object - yin/yang balance symbol

For the Scales (Sep 24th - Oct 23rd) - King of Raphael
This month promises that you are being watched over by a kind angel. You might have challenges ahead, but whatever you do. You are going to be supported, safeguarded and helped by this loving angel. This angel might not be quite remarkable in his actions, making you realize that he's by your side. But he is strong enough to lead you, direct you and shift you on the right path you need to be in.
Lucky number - 2, 4
Lucky Color - Orange

For the Scorpions (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) - Ten of Ariel
Doesn't life seem fun? dont try to make it too hard, and an official trip to planet earth to live. You have your duties, but spreading Love also includes to engulf yourself into a loving energy. How can you give love to other's by keeping your own self devoid of it or starving of it?
Let yourself loose at times. Share your stories, love, joys with the one you love. Spending quality time with family and friends will be a great help you lift your confidence and self-esteem.
Lucky Number - 10, 1, 0
Lucky Color - the one you love

For the Centaur (Nov 23rd - Dec 22nd) - King of Raphael
This month seems you will be riding speedily and smoothly along your life's path. Nothing can stop you or come your way. Keep going. You need to be consistent and determined on your path. Yes people might try to slow you down or make you think twice before continuing with what you are doing. But worry not. When you feel from deep inside that you are doing worth, then there's nothing to worry about.
Lucky Numbers - 1
Lucky Color -white

For the Goat ( Dec 23rd - Jan 20th) - Epiphany
Take your knowledge and wisdom and help other's know it. When you constantly polish yourself with something, you really get to a point where you have done it enough so that you can help other's do it in a way you did.
Now is the time for that. You have a lot of spiritual knowledge and you need to put it to good use. You used for yourself till now, now its time for sharing and being the guiding light.
Lucky Numbers - 9
Lucky Colors - purple, indigo

For the Water Bearer (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) - Knight of Raphael
This is the time when you have to start moving. You need not stay stagnant and keep thinking forever. You cannot wait any longer now, just take the leap and start moving in a direction your heart is directing you towards.
Don't let the emotions drive you in a different direction or stop you from doing what you want. Let the emotions become a positive & motivational push.
Lucky numbers - your favorite lucky number
Lucky colors - golden

For the Fishes (Feb 20th - Mar 20th) - Five of Ariel
Your current life seems challenging, don't let the challenges take a toll on your health. You may have a lot of responsibilities but nothing is worth your health. Let other's take a little bit of load from your burden. Not to overwhelm, but people who genuinely want to help. Let them help. Hard times always promise to bring in the happy times. And inorder that you welcome the happy times in your future, try your best to make this time 'time for learning' rather then hardships.
Lucky number - 8, 5
Lucky color - fuchsia

This was all for this month's astrological signs, will be back with more great Angel stuff soon. Let me know how you liked this month's predictions, did it help you? Did it not? Whatever just drop in your comments....

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