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13 Shocking TRUTHS about your Body, that will always be a secret

Every Disease is curable within 3 Days

So whether you might have heard about a lot of incurable diseases, or chronic diseases or maybe epidemics that have yet no cure to be found.
Still your body has the power to cure every damn diesase within 3days, or 72 hours specifically.

Your body can CREATE nutrients by itself, from all the fresh LIVE foods that you are eating.

This is another shocking thing, that will spin your head. Till now you just knew that there is a required amount of nutrients that you need to take daily. But have you questioned that when you are eating enough nutrients, still at times when you are feeling down. Why does your body feel stressed, tired out and weak? 
Whatever food we eat all is not LIVE food. All foods that are freshly prepared, all seasonal fruits, all seasonal vegetables, etc. All are Live foods. 
Live foods have prana energy, and one way to recognize live foods is that they will not last long. they get spoilt. Their ingredients that allow them to decompose quickly, actually help your body cells to re-generate quickly when needed. All live foods should be consumed quickly before they get spoilt.
Fruits and Veggies once cut, should be consumed within 30-mins. After that it becomes dead food. And dead food only adds to the bulk in your body.
Ive seen few poor laborers in India, when my own house was getting renovated. They used to daily eat jowar roti(jowar bread), onions and chillies and Dal and rice. That's it. This was their daily food. They were totally healthy, they didn't have spectacles, and they were healthy psychologically too. 

A Healthy Body can NEVER be attacked by Germs

Your body needs nutrition, because you are lacking in nutrition your body gets attacked by germs!! Is that what you learnt right?
Well here's a greater and fuller truth. Your body is getting weak by consuming chemical induced foods. Foods grown with chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Foods processed by chemical additives and preservatives. 
Additives & Preservatives in food don't make the foods preserve nutrition.
If you eat organic fresh foods, your body is invincible against all kinds of Germs and any amount of Germs. 

Happily & Willingly done, physical work done over and over again. Can make your inner body strong and keep you strong for years.

This is a classic, and you might have heard it. Ive seen laborers in India. They work the whole day, in sunlight(ofcourse they dont wear expensive sunscreens). Work whole day, have lunch once. And then again work. They are seldom seen complaining about any aches in body, never seen them catching cold. 

    Your body can stand any amount of Negativity. 

If you are positive from within, and you have forgiving nature. Your body can stand any amount of Negativity. You need to think good & forgive yourself and everybody else in this world.
Take-in and Give-out ONLY Love. 

You attract what you think of.

This is a classic, and you might have heard it before. But what you might have also heard along with this being said is that you will take time to shange your mindset and make it positive.
Also scientifically its believed that it will take time for you to change your mindset. But the real truth is that you can change your mindset in a fraction of a second. And become totally a pure hearted and pure minded person!

No Disease exists on this planet. 

Its a lie that the diseases are existing on this planet. Its not that way. You are creating new diseases in your body with inducing things that are not tolerable for a live body to accept. 
You know what's it, still you keep doing it. Coz its the norm, generally accepted fact. So you too are doing it. 
Foods, actions and lifestyle that are not good for Humanity are adapted by majority of masses. and people who dont the trend are considered less dignified, less knowledgeable, not following the fashion trend etc. Whereas the best health secrets are already known by you, held down by your ancestors.

Nobody, Nothing can kill you in this world. Except you!

Yes another shocking thing. What lies outside you, is first created inside you. So any life threatening person, animal, situation or things are first created inside you. And then they get attracted in the outer environment of you. 
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Love from the one you love the most, has the greatest healing Powers!

Love from a person you love the most works greater then any motivational program, therapy from an expert, retreats, etc. But what when you are not close to that Loved one? Well at that time retreats, friends, motivational programs etc will work for you. 

Regular Medical Check-ups are not that necessary!

Dont get me wrong. This is not said to shun the traditional medical advice of having regular medical checkups. If you are not going to follow what I am gonna share next, then you better follow this.
Regular medical checkups are not as necessary, as regularly eating fresh foods, regular exercising/yoga/meditation is, fresh natural outdoors, are required by our bodies.
Body is made up of 5 elements and natural surroundings are enriched with a maximum of them. So body can replenish them quickly there.

Youe body can become inconquerable 

If you eat Organic Vegan foods for prolonged period in your life, along with that follow humanity and goodness & forgiveness to self and others. Then your body is inconquerable. Meaning nobody with negative or ill-wishes can hurt you or affect you with their conspiracies. When you stay clear of -ve Karma your body stays clear and cannot receive -ve karmas from others.

Natural form of treatments, keep you closer to God & Nature.

Diseases are a way of Body to show you that something is not right with you. You need to set things right before you move any further.
And traditional forms of medication never tries to heal your mind. Its will induce chemicals to bring balance when there are certain imbalances in your organs.
But natural forms of Medicines like Ayurveda & Homeopathy gets into the root of the cause and then heals the body. 

Following Truth, Honesty, Justice, Forgiveness and Humanity gives you strength from Divine and give you a longer life-span.

These are some of the virtues that you might have been taught since childhood. But these go a long way. When you dont follow any of these you get caught in guilt, shame, repentance all emotions that don't make you feel good about yourself.
Doing Good to self & other's always gives you a good sense of being that will help you to elongate your life span.

A pure soul, can always bring purity to the world!

This is the most priceless one! If you dont know then let me tall you about it. If you do all the above hard-work to make your body healthy and follow good virtues. You are actually radiating out purity that extends across the globe. You don't need any extra supernatural powers to do that.
Following good virtues towards self and others itself is the greatest penance anybody can pay. And when you do it regularly daily  for years, decades and entire lifetime. It really pays off.

Disclaimer - Though there are facts expressed here that go totally against the norms of the medical world, I suggest that you follow these tips with discretion. You might need medical help, at times. So act accordingly. 
I am not any health practitioner or doctor. Please follow the guidance given by your health practitioner to help you with your issue. 


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I would like to know what you think about this post, I wont answer to any disease related questions. As I am not a Medical Practitioner. Except that I would love a healthy discussion....

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