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Prayer Power

Do you feel you don't know how to pray? Do you have problems with God and relationship with him? Do you feel God isn't interested in listening to you? This course is for you if you want to pray effectively. It will help you to learn how to pray right, so that you get required assistance from God.  This course is open for all. Its not based on any religion. And its open for people across all religions. But no religious talk please! To participate in this course you just need to follow these rules - - You need to pledge that you will follow if for entire life. - You need to practice the course regularly, and participate regularly on the facebook group with your assignments. So to join this group just go to this link. You will be asked to fill in your details, and as soon as you confirm your e-mail. You will be sent a mail with the facebook group link to join. The facebook group has all the required lessons. 

13 Shocking TRUTHS about your Body, that will always be a secret

Every Disease is curable within 3 Days So whether you might have heard about a lot of incurable diseases, or chronic diseases or maybe epidemics that have yet no cure to be found. Still your body has the power to cure every damn diesase within 3days, or 72 hours specifically. Your body can CREATE nutrients by itself, from all the fresh LIVE foods that you are eating. This is another shocking thing, that will spin your head. Till now you just knew that there is a required amount of nutrients that you need to take daily. But have you questioned that when you are eating enough nutrients, still at times when you are feeling down. Why does your body feel stressed, tired out and weak?  Whatever food we eat all is not LIVE food. All foods that are freshly prepared, all seasonal fruits, all seasonal vegetables, etc. All are Live foods.  Live foods have prana energy, and one way to recognize live foods is that they will not last long. they get spoilt. Their ingredients that a

Angel Card Readings

Are you in trouble? Do you need advice for money, relationships, or career? Have you tried Tarot or Angel Readings and are not happy with them? You are at the right place. You can get accurate and life-transforming readings here. I am a Certified Tarot & Angel Card Reader. A member of American Tarot Association that assures you are in the hands of a reliable Expert. I love to help people to transform their lives through Angel Readings. Angel Cards are a safe & gentle way to help you with your troubling issues with your life.  Angel's are Divine beings, who are at an energetic level above you. And are always waiting to help you with problems that haunt you.  Here have a look at what people have to say about my Angel Readings -  I was a bit skeptic about these occult things, but your reading and accuracy has made me say hats off to you. I don't know whether I believe in these things or not. But I will surely turn for a reading from you again.  -