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Power Meditations

Do you have problem meditating? Does your heart long for having that perfect and empowering Meditative experience? Did you ever wish that you too could meditate like a Yogi? Life has many facets, life has many learnings, and life has questions that need to be answered. More twist to this, not everyone of us wants the answer to same questions! And yet all questions are somewhat the same. If you are just stuck in one area of life, i.e. Materialistic you'll be in trouble. Because it doesn't answer those questions. Also you can't stay stuck in ONLY spiritual world or any other world either. There needs to be balance.  Meditation is your answer to the present life's problems.  You need to meditate if... - You need some extra energy, that today's food doesn't supply. - You need to keep up with the pace of the world, and excel and keep stress at bay. - You want to balance all areas of your life. You want good health, good rel