Please Note - The colour and shape of the crystals mentioned here will vary from piece to piece. Also Natural untreated and unheated crystals have lines, indentations, impurities and discolourations in it. Which is normal. Please check all details well on each crystal description. Crystals will be packed carefully such that they reach you intact.
Also note, that crystals are available cut in various shapes. But I have stocked up only the ones that are mentioned on this page. Crystals will be cleansed, charged and activated.

Crystals are not just stones, they are believed to be live and have amazing powers. Each crystal has certain energies vibrating from it, and when you bring that crystal in your life. You are going to bring that energy into your aura, which might be otherwise missing from your energy space. They will thus help you elevate your energy and bring a balance in your aura. Making you complete. 

Crystals shown below, are in stock. Size/ Colour may vary from what is shown in picture.

Pure Quartz Crystal Pyramid - size 1inch

Crystal Name - Pure Quartz Crystal
Shape - Pyramid Shape, 1X1 sizes may slightly differ. 

Quartz crystal is the best and a high vibration stone, it will allow to raise your vibration to a higher level while you are praying, meditating or doing any other spiritual activity like healing, rituals etc. 
Pyramid shape helps bring 3X more energy to anything its placed upon. So if you have a pyramid over your Angel Altar, its more likely that your angels will send you 3 times more energy to the altar space. 

Uses- You can use it near your altar, or keep it in your bag/wallet, desk, mandir etc to keep getting the high vibes.
This crystal is cleansed, purified and charged when you receive it, to get its full effects

Price - Rs. 750/- 
Shipping - Rs. 100/- 

Payment can be done by Debit/ Credit cards or Netbanking. 

Angelite for Angel Connection  - Size 2inch 

Crystal Name - Pure Angelite
Shape - Angel shaped

Angelite Crystal is named after its high vibration, which is similar to the Angelic Realm. This stone as it is similar to angelic world, connecting to Angels will become a lot more easier when you have this stone with you.

Uses - You can use this stone while you are praying to the angels, meditation, have it in your altar or just carry it everywhere in your pocket. 
Charged and activated crystal for helping you with Angel Connection. 

Price - Rs. 950/- 
Shipping - Rs. 100/- 

Payment can be done by Debit/ Credit cards or Netbanking. 

Abundance Duo - Unisex Stretch Bracelet 

Crystal Name - Citrine, Pyrite 
Shape - Round Beads, 8mm in a stretchable bracelet form

When it comes to abundance and prosperity there are these two stones that are most talked of. The Pyrite keeps the base chakra balanced, which is important for your materialistic world to stay balanced. And then there is this Citrine which works with your Manipura Chakra. Manipura Chakra helps you to take a strong foothold in this physical dimension. Making sure you have abundance of finances to make that happen.

Uses - Together both these crystals can be helpful in Financial Stability & Abundance. 
Both the crystals will be charged and activated to help bring full effects, before its sent to you. 

Price - Rs. 1250/- for the pair
Shipping - Rs. 100/-

Payment can be done by Debit/ Credit cards or Netbanking. 

Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet - 

Crystal Name - Rose Quartz 
Shape - Rectangular beads are diamond cut, 1" X 0.5" in a unisex stretch bracelet. 
Rose Quartz is long known as the Love Stone. It is the stone of heart chakra and healing. This stone will bring you healing of heart, help you release hurt and unwanted emotions that drain your energy down. This chakra helps you to bring forgiveness into your life. Forgiving self and others. It's called the master healer stone. This works with the higher heart chakra.

Uses - You can wear this bracelet daily, wear it while meditating, use it while you are giving a self-healing or healing to others to help channel healing energy.
This stretch bracelet will be sent to you after cleansing, charging and activating it.

--------------ROSE Quartz Bracelet OUT OF STOCK----------

Price - Rs. 1500/-
Shipping - Rs. 100/- 

Payment can be done by Debit/ Credit cards or Netbanking. 

Chakra Balancing Crystals - Size 0.75X2inch 


Crystals name - 
Shape - 

More Crystals Coming Soon! Stay tuned, and come back soon.

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