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For tarot reading go to Tarot reading page 

If you'd like to contact me for anything else, then please write to me at

I usually get a lot of mails everyday, but I try to answer every mail in a duration of 48hours. So have patience, if you feel your mail went unnoticed, please don't hesitate to mail again. As mails sometimes get lost in junk folder. 

Free readings are available only in fb live sessions, and periscope. Please don't ask in mail or calls to give free readings. I am usually busy with work and somebody from my office will pick up the calls/ respond to mails.

If your mail is a formal mail, or a feedback or suggestion type of mail then response will be given only if required. 

Thank you soo much for visiting my site, please come back again. It makes my day! :) 

- Priti Patel