Angel Reading

Angels are divine beings who are at a higher dimension then ours. And they can see through your Past, Present and Future. They can surely help you to know what's coming up in future and help you with right guidance. 
Angel Guidance is different then Tarot predictions. Its for you if you extra sensitive and need only positive words of guidance.

Single Deck, Angel Card Readings - by e-mail/chat/phone

If you want to pay by paytm, or bank transfer then please mail us on with the desired reading in subject line. 

Angel Card Reading for 1 question. 

Energy Exchange - $29 USD or Rs. 1309/- INR
This would be done using an Angel Deck suggested by Angel Guidance. This would be a small and direct reading for your question.

Three Card Angel Reading for 1 question.

Energy Exchange - $49 USD or Rs. 2299/- 
This would be done using an Angel Deck according to guidance from Angels. This would be a more detailed answer for your question. This reading can help you a bit more if you need to dig deep into past, present and future.  

Five card Reading for 1 question.

Energy Exchange - $79 USD or Rs. 3499/- 
This would be a detailed reading and it would help you go through a more detailed reading for your future. This reading is for you if you have long term plans or concerns & want to know about near future as well as distant future. 

Celtic Cross Reading for 1 question. (10 card reading)

Energy Exchange - $99 USD or Rs 4499/- 
This is the standard spread for getting deep into one issue or question at hand. It uncovers many known and unknown aspects of the issue at hand and will help you to get clear view of in's and out's of situation. So that you can decide well regarding your issue.

Multi-Deck Angel Readings, by e-mail/chat/phone - 

Single Card Reading from two or more decks- 

(multiple cards, all from different decks will be pulled for one question And all will be read in combined way)

$59 USD for 1 question. or Rs. 2699/-

Decks will be selected in intuitive way. It would be atleast two decks, it can be more if I am guided intuitionally.

Three card reading for 1 question - 

using two or more decks(if its two decks, reading will be done with totally 6 cards)
$79 USD for 1 question. or Rs. 3499/-

Decks would be selected as per Angels guidance.

Five Card Reading for 1 question - 

using two or more decks(if two decks are selected, 10 card reading would be done)
$ 99 USD for 1 question or Rs. 4499/-

Celtic Cross Reading for 1 question - 

using multiple decks(if two decks are selected, there would be totally 20 card reading)
$197 USD for 1 question. or Rs. 8899/-

Readings by Skype - 

If you want reading by phone then you can get at the below given rates,
You can note down important points given during the reading.
Please note, no written reading would be given with phone/ skype readings.

$79 USD for 30 mins. or Rs. 3499/- 

Phone / Skype Angel Reading

If you have multiple questions - 

30mins or upto 4-5 questions $79 USD or Rs.4999/-


60mins or upto 8-10 questions $129 USD or Rs.7999/-

pay by paytm or direct bank transfer also available, contact me [priti at souls - purpose dot net]

If you want to pay by Net Banking, then use below given buttons 

Pay for 30mins Session - Rs. 2499/- INR or $79 USD

Pay for 60min Session - Rs. 3499/- INR or $129 USD

If you are outside India, then use safe payment option of Paypal

Angel Card Reading
Dont know what's energy exchange?
Energy exchange is a way of exchanging the energy that I would be using inorder to get your readings by angel connection. And money is the best way of energy exchange. 

Please note -
Tarot Readings & Angel Card Readings cannot give solutions for Black Magic related problems, so please contact some expert related to that. So I will not entertain any questions related to that.
Also for Medical problems contact a registered Medical Practitioner. I don't do any disease related readings or discussions.

A little secret about me, I am a very quiet person. And don't like to talk much, so if you get my cell number or facebook id. Please ask me questions only that are important. And yes NO FREE READING requests.