Why I am not a Vegan anymore?

If you are here on my website, then you are surely into spirituality stuff searching for Tarot, Angels, Kundalini, Meditation and stuff alike. Welcome, I have an important update to share with you.
As you might be knowing or maybe you are totally new to this, I was a Vegan and used to follow a strictly vegan diet. For two reasons, first Im a strong believer in non-cruelty eating and then my lactose intolerance. Im allergic to Dairy products which makes it easier for me to turn Vegan.

I am following Veganism since past five years, since 23rd September 2013 I turned vegan. But as you may or may not know, its a diet that doesnt suit just everyone. I too started experiencing changes in my body. Which I felt were normal, until now where I feel something is terribly wrong with this diet and me. Vegan diet doesn't bring essential nutrients that only animal based products can bring. Which I now realise. And just because I being allergic to Dairy products, I cannot help myself from the only option left to me i.e. non-vegetarian products. Which might be a rescue for me.

I gave up Veganism since May 2018, but then felt guilty as again switched back to being vegan in September 2018. But now I again feel the necessity of animal products, which makes me take this decision for now, to not stay vegan. I will be consuming animal products excluding dairy. Which makes me a meat eater.

I am clearing this just in case for you to know, as I have been mentioning in my spiritual courses about the benefits of staying vegetarian. I know spiritually its really beneficial, I will definitely become a vegetarian again in future. But not now, when my body is craving for nutrition. I know food supplements are also an option, but at times having nutrition come from your food is more beneficial then swallowing a supplement.

So before you get into a spiritual journey with any of my courses, I just wanted you to know this.

Love you

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